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The unicorn 🦄 and the rainbow 🌈 waterfall

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh

24th April 2024 | 24 Views

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Once a upon a time there was a unicorn .The unicorn lived in Arabia, she was the only unicorn in that country while all the other unicorns lived in the united states of America.

Her parents were killed by a curse and before dying they told her about her relatives, who used to live behind the rainbow waterfall in the United states of America .The poor unicorn was so lonely she thought to go on a oadventure to the united states and to meet other unicorns. So she started flying and then after two weeks she found herself in to the United States of America .She was very confused. She did not know where were the other unicorns .She got lost in the jungle.

She was about to cry then suddenly she saw a long neck then the body then the legs she went closer to it then she saw the face it was a Giraffe!!

The unicorn was amazed to see a giraffe because she never saw a giraffe in her life before. She stopped crying and started flying again; she was very tired and thirsty. 

Suddenly she heard a noise underneath.When she looked down there was a bunch of rhino’s grazing the grass. She was happy and surprised to see them, as it was an adventurous thing for her.

She heard something behind the bushes she went to the bushes and saw a horn… It was a unicorn!!

That means she had reached the rainbow waterfall finally. The rainbow waterfall was very shiny and sparkling. There were lots of unicorns.

One unicorn came forward and said hi!

She asked: What is your name?

The Arabian unicorn replied: my name is Pink.

OK! My name is blue now please come down here and join us.

Pink replied her very happily ok.

The blue one introduced her to all other unicorns. They all were sorry to hear about the pink’s parents. They all warm welcomed her.

She had a wonderful time over there. Now she was not alone and she has a friend. Oneday pink said I have to go back to my homeArabia because she lived here so many days and now she miss her home, her butterflies would have been waiting for her.

Blue took a promise from her that pink had to come after 3 weeks so that they can play for one week.

The Pink left and she used to sendmessages to blue by her butterflies. After that day pink was never alone and she lived happily ever after. 

The moral of story is “ to never give up, byworking hard one day you can reach to your destination.






MORAL: the moral of the story is to never give up.Img 9442

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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