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Putting off until Never

BilablissLast Seen: Mar 26, 2024 @ 6:27am 6MarUTC

4th March 2024 | 4 Views
Milyin » 574497 » Putting off until Never

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I started noticing myself starting #tasks, event or activity and not finishing them completely or I would leave it mid way and do something completely different. Could this be #procrastination? This is not a problem until you realize how it affects your professional and personal life such as:

  •  you could have been doing much better in life if only you finished that online course got certified and land a high #paying job.

  • You could have became #skillful at two or more #niches and scale it to #earn #millions.

  • You could give back by #teaching your #skills.

  • Someone out there needs the skills you posses to improve their life.

If this kind of #behavior and regrets resonates deeply with you we need to find a solution we cannot keep going into life like this we need completion and closure to make this life  journey better.

BilablissLast Seen: Mar 26, 2024 @ 6:27am 6MarUTC




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