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2 Much…

Kristin InglisLast Seen: Apr 12, 2024 @ 5:27am 5AprUTC
Kristin Inglis

4th March 2024 | 4 Views
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Disclaimer from Creator: References to certain music apps and sports brands are for 2 well known bands I love.

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 Some of us are extremely privileged in this world others are not.

I realize probably sound like every other soap box philosopher, and I guess that’s just due to a number of things.

Too much of a good thing yeah, I am guilty of that. Be it food,  drink, mess, gaming and even shopping. That said I am trying to reduce my excesses not just in the obvious like food, drink and gaming but also shopping and definitely mess!

I am a single mother as well as perpetual  student ( I’ll likely write content about these topics on a different day). Hell yeah I game, not long after I bought my daughter a switch for Xmas a few years ago I bought myself a game  – Assassins Creed 2. Let me tell you got I hooked and yes I thoroughly recommend it  – I’m hoping for an add for AC2 or 3 comes up as I also advise playing them.



And whilst I could go on about tips about playing these games I won’t. At least not today.

Because for some of us around the world its lent.  Nope I am not google  –  if you really want to know what it is I suggest you do your own research. Some people think its like Passover, others that its like Ramadan .

I’m catholic I’ll admit but basically; 

  • its a time of reflection
  • of giving of oneself to others  
  • and of discipline

And yeah its not meant to be easy, I’ve been trying to be vegetarian 6 days a week and its hard – I’m a massive meat eater and it is not easy. I’ve been trying to have a few quiet moments here and there – even my Spotify is in on it as I keep getting adds for the Nike breath app . I’ll admit I do actually do the breathing exercise along with the add while driving and well I can I feel myself relaxing like I’m letting go of my too muchness. 

[Fingers crossed the Add below is for Spotify, but please check it out anyway 🙂 }



And I realize meditation might not be for everyone and perhaps its better to phrase it as being mindful of oneself.

So have a moment , a minute or 5 for yourself whether its on the train into work, washing the dishes, brushing your teeth or one of my favorites brushing your hair. I remember back when I tried to be a gym junkie of the trainers said you know your exercising right when your in the zone.  So even when it is hard to get a few moments in of reflective time, realize there are times in the day to reflect that you might not have thought off.   Even when gaming – yeah I got in the zone pretty quick and was intense while playing Assassins Creed, much like how I used to play the Sims – I still have the original . Sigh they just don’t make them like they used to.

I have probably rambled a little bit much and enough is enough, so have enjoy your quiet minutes my dears.

Kiki out


Kristin InglisLast Seen: Apr 12, 2024 @ 5:27am 5AprUTC

Kristin Inglis



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