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How do animals and plants live in the desert?

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Milyin » 573717 » How do animals and plants live in the desert?

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In the desert, there is hardly any water. Sand dunes are present throughout, It is difficult for plants and animals to survive in that area due to the lack of water. There are only a very few water-dependent plants and animals that can survive. In the desert, daytime and nighttime temperatures differ greatly . Humidity  is extreme during the day. It is a chilly night. In order to shield themselves from the heat of the day, desert animals hide in bushes. In periods of low rainfall, plants and animals retain water within their bodies. In deserts, there are a wide variety of animals. Frequently, there are snail worms. ‘Pack Pat’ rats are a particular kind of rat that lives in North America’s desert regions.

North African and Asian deserts are home to creatures known as “Jeroba.” They have long, kangaroo-like hind legs. The deserts of Arabia and Africa are home to different species of wolves. The jungle is home to a wide variety of owls, ants, and lizards, Water is not very necessary for these animals to survive. since very little water is lost through perspiration and urine. The camel is the most prominent of the desert’s animals, It is referred to as the desert ship. Straw and prickly plants are the camel’s staple diet. Its skin contains a large amount of stored fat. In difficult situations, it gives the camel strength. Without water to drink, a camel can endure for several days. Water slowly evaporates from its body, It can only hold 25 gallons of water at once.

Most vegetation in deserts is cacti and shrubs. An individual leaf in the bushes is greater than a thorn. These plants evaporatively lose very little water because of their reduced leaf count. Cacti have especially thick stems,  and are packed. It’s covered in thorns instead of leaves. There is an accumulation of water within the stem due to the hard outer layer. Certain cactus species have their spine tips pointing downward. Drops of dew that have gathered at these ends fall to the ground. Thus, water is present beneath the cactus. Their roots are deeply ingrained in the ground as well. After so many days, even a little rain falls, and these roots soak up the water fast. No other plant can grow close to the cactus because of its roots. Thus, the likelihood of food and water buildup rises.

Bhagya melantaLast Seen: Mar 7, 2024 @ 4:32am 4MarUTC

Bhagya melanta



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