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A Friendly Night

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A night full of tiredness,
The mind is still active.
Thinking about nothing but friends,
But none were attentive.

Okay brain, you can now stop thinking,
You are making me sink.
Sinking and getting lost in the sea of thousands-
No, millions of memories.
Some which may exist,
Some which I wished to exist.

Okay, thank you,
Thank you for making me remember those good moments,
But why spawning those mistakes?
The mistakes I made to my friends in the past…
Mistakes of making my friends feel bad,
Mistakes of giving the fake ones more concentration…

Okay, I now understand my mistakes,
But don’t invite those useless
thoughts to the group you make,
Why are they not sitting with me?
Why are they not chatting with me or replying to me?
Are all my friends fake?

Oh, I now understand why you are doing this to me,
You are now trying to make me hate and forget those precious diamonds,
Those precious friends with whom I spent a lot of time,
And trying to replace those with new one,
But you don’t understand, even if our bond is old, it will last forever.

The night is over, it’s now morning,
The sun is shining, glowing,
And so, our friendship is,
Even though we live far away,
One day,
One day, we will all meet each other again…

FluffLast Seen: Mar 3, 2024 @ 3:35am 3MarUTC




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