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She is mine! Third part

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Milyin » 573134 » She is mine! Third part

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3. Looking after her…

She’s world…

She left the hospital before that boy saw or called her.
 She still thinks about him, but she is an engaged woman, she has no chance, she wants no chance. She feels that she has run out of power. She gets home and all hell breaks loose.

(Luca) Where have you been until now? Why weren’t you at work?
(Alison) I went to the hospital, I cut my hand! Sorry, my phone battery is dead!
(Luca) Do you think I’m stupid? Do I look stupid? Come here, on your knees! Apologize!

And yes, our hero was also going through such things. She was repeatedly humiliated by her future husband. It endures, but who knows how much longer it endures?
She stands at his feet and apologizes…

(Alison) I’m sorry! Forgive me!
(Lucas) Go to the kitchen and make me something to eat! Now
(Alison) Right now!

With tears on she’s face and a torn soul, she heads to the kitchen. She feels miserable and a coward. She doesn’t have too many joys anymore, maybe if it wasn’t for that man she would have chosen to explode with the car. A young woman at the beginning of her journey who no longer sees any exit to the light! She prepares the meal for him and goes to the shower, cries in the shower as much as her lungs can hold and unloads. She falls asleep on the sofa in the living room and is woken up by the alarm at 06:30.

(Alison) Good morning! I prepared your breakfast, I’m going to work!
(Lucas) Go! Actually money?
(Alison) Please £100 is all I have…
(Lucas) Well, if you worked instead of going to the hospital, maybe we’d have money!
(Alison) I’m sorry!

She apologizes and goes to work with a dark face. She finds a cute cat that brings a smile to her face for a few minutes!

(Alison) I’d take you home, but Lucas would throw us both out!

She puts the cat down and continues on his way, but not through the park, she finds it oppressive. She arrives at work where she is scolded for her absence.

(Boss) Don’t let it happen again!

One more reason for our hero to feel like no one cares about her.
End this day as it began, without hope. She goes home where she gets some peace, it seems that Lucas is not around. She takes advantage of the situation, makes herself a cup of tea and turns on the music, lies down on the couch and savors the moment that seems to keep her alive. She gets up and sips the tea from time to time. She wants to disappear, but she can’t, to disappear takes courage and she doesn’t have it. She thinks of the man with the blue eyes and the three words. She stood up and looked in the mirror…

(Alison) Beautiful? Far away…look how I look!

She says out loud disappointed with the way she looks. She turns off the music and turns off the light, sits on the sofa and stares into the darkness.

(Alison) Shall I go see him? But what do I tell him? why did i go? 

She falls asleep thinking how to get her to see him tomorrow. A loud noise wakes her up. Lucas came home drunk and argumentative. To avoid his nerves she locks himself in the bathroom and stays there until morning. She gets ready in the morning and goes to work without making a sound. She finishes work an hour early and sees a good time to visit the blue-eyed boy. She plucks up the courage and goes to his living room, finds him sleeping so she leaves him a note. She approaches him and caresses his hair, it seems that he has reached she’s heart, he is so close, but at the same time so far.

Alison) I would make your life dark!

She takes her hand off his bum and walks away. She returns to her wonderful life. She stops by her parents to see them. The only one who cares about her is her older brother, Albert.

(Albert) What do you have in your hand?
(Alison) I fell! It’s nothing serious! how are you
(Albert) How do you know us? Is he nice to you?
(Alison) Yeah, don’t worry about me!
(Albert) Do you have money?
(Alison) Not really!
(Albert) Look, take it from here!
(Alison) Let it be you!
(Albert) How many sisters do I have?
(Alison) Thank you! I love you!
(Albert) Me too! I do anything for you to know!

It seems that her brother cheered her up a little more. It seems that there is still an escape from this hell. She stops at the supermarket and buys few things and meets Theo, Lucas’ colleague.

(Theo) Hey! What are you doing? How r u? Lucas?
(Alison) Hello! Okay, on with it! Lucas at the cafe with you, right?
(Theo) No! You do not know? He hasn’t been working at the cafe for two months!
(Alison) Please? How so?
(Theo) I’m telling you something, but you don’t know from me…
(Alison) Say…
(Theo) Looks like he got mixed up with the mob!
(Alison) I don’t think so! He wouldn’t do that!
(Theo) I’m sorry, Alison! That’s what I heard and I saw it with them!
(Alison) Aghh…Lucas…thanks, Theo! Take care of yourself!
(Theo) And you! Alison, stay away from that! You are a good girl!

What Theo told her turns her completely upside down. His fear becomes even stronger, what will be done? How to do? She thinks of something…she stops at the store and buys a chain lock for the door and installs it in the bedroom as soon as she gets home. She covers it with a jacket so as not to give Lucas anything to suspect and tries to look as relaxed as possible.

(Lucas) Where were you today? You left work early…
(Alison) I went to mine!
(Lucas) And elsewhere?
(Alison) Nowhere…

He suddenly stood up from the chair and grabbed her by the hair.

(Lucas) Why are you lying to me? Didn’t you go to the hospital? What were you looking for?
(Alison) Lucas, it hurts! I went to look at the hand!
(Lucas) To which one? At this?

He grabs her hand and squeezes her until her blood starts to drip on the floor.

(Alison) Please, I’m begging you, it hurts!

He pushes her and she falls to the ground.

(Lucas) Collect everything here! Clean up!
(Alison) Yes!

He comes and grabs her by the hair again…

(Lucas) I didn’t hear!
(Alison) YES!
(Lucas) Right!

How can the poor girl resist? Where to run? Who will help her? Whom to harm? A girl who wouldn’t even touch a flower…

Ioana GusaLast Seen: Apr 1, 2024 @ 7:58pm 19AprUTC

Ioana Gusa



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