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She is mine! Love story

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Milyin » 573018 » She is mine! Love story

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1. The accident…

Girl’s world… 

She loves spring the most when everything comes back to life. For Alison, it’s like she blooms with the season. She is heading to the house where she has been a housekeeper for more than two years, but today she wants to do something for herself before starting work. She is fed up with her fiance and her parents controlling her life all the time. She decides to stop at the corner cafe where he buys a coffee and a bagel and from there continues his way through the park he takes every morning.
This time she is going to sit on a bench and think about everything that is happening around her.
Her parents see her as a child and her fiance sees her as too mature. How should she behave? She is tired and sick of all this pressure…
In the beginning of their relationship, Lucas was an exceptional boy, but he changed during the relationship especially since they moved in together. He is cold towards Alison and works her like a dog, they live with rent, rent she pays. He works at a coffee shop, but all the money goes elsewhere. It’s been three years since they’ve been together, if she received five bouquets of flowers. That doesn’t really seem to be the girl’s problem as much as the fact that he is cold towards her this bothers her. Although she works from 08:00 in the morning until 17:00 in the evening, she is also the one who makes food and cleans. Lucas just comes in and complains that he’s tired and to leave him alone. Lately no “Thank you!” or “I love you!” she didn’t hear anymore. She can’t complain to her parents, they didn’t agree with Lucas from the beginning…

Her life needs a restart, but she doesn’t know where and when to push the button…
Alone on the bench with her coffee next to her, Alison hears a very loud noise, it startles her. She stood up quickly and looked behind her. A car came out of nowhere and hit a tree hard. Run in a soul…

In the car a boy with blood on his face. Quickly call the rescue…

(Alison) I need a rescue! I’m in Greenland park, a car hit a tree hard, there’s a man inside…
(911) Is he awake? He is alive? can you open the door? 
(Alison) I’m trying to open the door!

She tries she’s best, but the door won’t open. She looks around and finds a piece of wood, takes it and hits the car window and opens the door.

(Alison) What should I do? The car caught fire, is that normal? Will it explode?
(911) Is the man alive? Check…What car model is it?
(Alison) He’s alive, he’s got a pulse! Audi Q5 I think…what should I do?
(911) You have to get him out now, the car is going to explode!
(Alison) Ok, I’m trying…come quickly, I’m begging you!
(911) Ambulance is on the way!
(Alison) I can’t get the belt off, it’s stuck and his left leg is trapped!
(911) Try tightening your belt!

Alison sees no hope, it’s a race against time. She looks up to the sky with tears on her face…

(Alison) If I’m going to die, I’ll die knowing I tried to help him!

She looks down and sees a glass bottle, breaks it and takes a piece with which she cuts the belt. Glass cuts the girl’s palm and opens a deep wound, but it doesn’t matter anymore…

(Alison) How do I remove the leg?
(911) It’s gonna hurt, but it’s the only way. With blood! Can you cut yourself with something in the palm of your hand?
(Alison) I’m already cut…
(911) Put as much blood around his leg as you can and pull him straight, gently!
(Alison) God help me!

It does exactly as the operator says. She removes his leg and then quickly drags the man as far away from the car as possible. Soon the car explodes!

(911) Tell me something! Are you OK?
(Alison) I got it out! What do I do now?
(911) Check if he’s breathing normally!
(Alison) Yes…it seems so!
(911) Where is he hurt?
(Alison) To the head and the nose!
(911) Try to wake him up!

She gently takes his head and places it on her knees. She smacks him lightly across the face…

(Alison) Wake up, I’m begging you! Look, you’re fine! I saved you!

The man opens his eyes and looks at Alison, the ambulance is heard nearby…

(Alison) Stay awake, please! The ambulance is coming!
(Man) How beautiful you are!

Four words that leave Alison frozen. After so much suffering how can anyone say such a thing in such a situation? He looks at her with his blue eyes as if she were a fairy. Alison holds his head on her knee with her right hand and wipes the blood from his face with her left hand.

(Alison) You’ll be fine! You’ll see, just stay awake!

His reaction makes Alison think of nothing else. It’s like someone paused this moment. She keeps caressing his face…

The ambulance arrives at the scene and takes the man from her arms. The man doesn’t take his eyes off her, but neither does Alison off him.

(Nurse) I’m coming to see your hand!
(Alison) Will it be okay?
(Nurse) Yes, we’re going to the hospital right away! You are very brave! What strength could you must have to save your lover? How much do you love to give up your own life?
(Alison) He’s not my boyfriend, I’m engaged. I have no business with Mr.
(Nurse) Really? Did you really risk your life for a stranger?

Alison) It’s about humanity…

The nurse takes her in her arms and congratulates her.

(Nurse) Come on, get in the ambulance, we’re going to the hospital!
(Alison) I’m fine, no need! I’m going to work…
(Nurse) I won’t leave you, stay by my side for 24 hours!
(Alison) You’re so cute!
(Nurse) You are more than me. Come and sit here!

She puts Alison in the same ambulance as the man. He holds out his hand and she takes it and smiles.

(Alison) You’ll be fine!

He just smiles at her, hasn’t said a word since. He holds her hand and smiles at her.

(Nurse) Do you have someone to call? Wait, what’s your name?
(Alison) Alison Elisabeth Grave!
(Nurse) My name is Nora, nice to meet you! Do you want to call someone?
(Alison) Nooo…no one cares about me! I’m fine like this!

She turns his face to the man and smiles.

(Alison) Does something hurt? how are you feeling

The man makes no sound. Once they got to the hospital, their hands came loose and so did their fate, it seems.

(Alison) Take care!

Alison thinks she’ll never see him again. She takes his things and goes to the room where she will spend the 24 hours. She calls her boss and tells her that she can’t come to work, she tripped and fell right on some shards of glass, and even sends her a picture. She is a very trustworthy girl, but she couldn’t tell her the truth, she wouldn’t believe her and would judge her.

Alison, a face of an angel. Long brown hair and brown eyes. With four other older siblings, she was raised more than needed, not wanted. She worked as a housekeeper for years in her parents’ house. She won a good place at college but her parents refused to pay for her  place so she dropped out and started working. She started as a cashier at a supermarket, there she met Lucas and after their love grew, she had to quit. His character changed radically and he forced her to quit that job because there were too many men out there. From that moment, our hero started to “pass away” a little bit by day. She couldn’t go back home, her parents didn’t want her, and she couldn’t break up with Lucas, because she loved him after all, or so she thought.

Ioana GusaLast Seen: Apr 1, 2024 @ 7:58pm 19AprUTC

Ioana Gusa



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