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The Dusted Environment Theory and Practicals🤍🌼

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2nd March 2024 | 18 Views
Milyin » 572611 » The Dusted Environment Theory and Practicals🤍🌼

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The Dusted environment theory as I like to call it is a simple theory, rather it is one of the best practicals in life🐧😄

As the name suggests, the theory has everything to do with the environment around us, which creates over time, our character, mindset and behavior both in private and in public. 

It simply states: 

The environment we create around us shapes our present and future and helps to resolve our past conflicts with ourselves, our loved ones , our non-loved ones and the society in general. The same environment also carves our career choices and our academic and business pathways. 

•Keeping your surroundings clean,dusting alternate days Or as required, sweeping the floor,🧹folding the sheets, arranging each article on its place, all of which seem like a normal work we perform has a great impact on our physical, mental, social and behavioural skills. 

•Keeping round our rooms some artwork🖌or drawing like a child and sticking it up, or jotting down some thoughts in a diary 📝whenever we are stressed or deeply depressed, sticking some motivational notes around, and especially making our residence, howsoever it may be, vibrant and colourful does wonders in Cheering up our dull souls. 

Individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, although it might seem useless and you might consider yourself a hopeless case, must understand that it actually works(letting you know as a person recovering from depression) and these steps are all based on theories suggested by psychologists. 

💚And all of our inner creativity and capabilities are a part of cleanliness.💚

Although it might seem impossible to get our body to work since our brain continuously demotivates us, yet if we gather just enough strength, just force ourselves a bit more to get up from the bed, even with a heart not fully at peace, we can, in reality start our journey towards our Soul’s Recovery💝

The Dusted environment theory also, in fact, most effectively, applies to our brain. Our mind is a great trickster and a great manipulator, it is a master in controlling our emotions, even create issues that might not actually be that big of a deal but panics you just in case it needs to protect itself by doing no work. 

No pain no gain, remember. 

So we need to dust out the wrong and hopeless statements our mind keeps telling us about. A lot of problems in our life arises because we simply don’t accept and acknowledge them. Yes this issue exists, is where to start. 

•Now what do we do? We write the issue down, every once in a while and find out if this is actually how it is, or is this our overthinking. That is another reason why vibrancy matters🌹🌼. More colours allow you to focus on the rainbow and not just on the dark clouds. Most often we find out that many of our troubles arise from over imagining a cause that can be diminished easily. We are many times, not the only problem, not everything is wrong with us, at least it didn’t birth in us, it was adopted from the stressful environment we faced and as a result we start seeing our selves only as the abuser in making and not as someone who was forced to be this way. 

If we have done some mistake, we shall try our best to improve and make up for them☺

That is what we are to jot down, one section for problems and one section for solutions you can find out. 

•Keeping a diary,📔 two-three pens, of different colours to fill our life with,writing a poetry Or a piece,✒️ one Or two liners, or listen to some jolly music,Or colouring a small drawn flower, scrolling through jokes and laughing endlessly, reading books📚(trust me it works) taking a bath, maintaining hygiene and most importantly: switching off the phone(Force yourself,that thing infects you slowly)📱😞 is one of the key steps since keeping ourselves clean is one of the troubles of a depressed person😅

•Keeping ourselves hydrated, forcing ourselves to make a good breakfast🍜🍎(does not have to be fancy, just tasty enough) something to refresh our mornings with and especially, exercising a bit is a jolly start🏃‍♀️

To have a better mindset that is more relaxing and calm and less like the unchained monkeys is the start we need. 


💛”Smallest of actions are always better than the boldest of intentions.”💛

-Who will cry when you die, Robin Sharma. 

I really do hope my Dusted Environment Theory helps some troubled beings(like me) and we can all build a mindset to do better, full of self-help and joy. 

You can check out my other works on


Hamra _Hi!Last Seen: Mar 3, 2024 @ 1:16pm 13MarUTC

Hamra _Hi!



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