ALCOHOLS, PHENOLS AND ETHERS important objective 12 bseb

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12th Chemistry In English

BSEB 12th Exam Chemistry VVI Important Objective Question Chapter Wise


1. Which of the following alcohols gives 2-butene on dehydration by conc. H2SO4? 

(A) 2-Methyl propene-2-ol

(B) 2-Methyl 1-propanol

(C) Butane-2-ol 

(D) Butane 1-ol

Answer :- (C)

2. The functional group of alcohol is : 

(A) -COOH 

(B) -CHO

(C) -C= O

(D) -OH

Answer :- (D)

3. Alcohol is formed when one of the hydrogen of Alkane is replaced by :

(A) Hydroxyl group

(B) Aldehyde group

(C) Carboxylic group

(D) Chloro group

Answer :- (A)

4. Which of the following is most acidic ? 

(A) Benzyl alcohol

(B) Cyclohexanol

(C) Phenol

(D) m-Chlorophenol

Answer :- (D)

5. The formula of Phenol is : 

(A) C6H5OH 

(B) C2H5OH

(C) C3H4OH

(D) C6H6

Answer :- (A)

6. The I.U.P.A.C. name of CH3OC2H5 is 

(A) Methoxy methane

(B) Ethoxy ethane

(C) Ethoxy methane

(D) None

Answer :- (D)

7. The formula of methanol is : 

(A) CH3OH 

(B) CH3ONa


(D) CH4

Answer :- (A)

8. The product obtained when silica reacts with hydrogen fluoride is : 

(A) SiF4

(B) H2SiF6

(C) H2SIF4


Answer :- (C)

 9. Which of the following is a formula of methoxy methane ? 



(C) C2H5OCH3 


Answer :- (B)

10. Formula of oleum is : 

(A) H2S2O7

(B) H2SO4

(C) H2SO3

(D) H2SO5

Answer :- (A)

11. Ethanol when heated with excess of conc. H2SO4 at 170° C gives : 

(A) Ethane

(B) Ethene

(C) Dimethyl ether

(D) Ethyl hydrogen Sulphate 

Answer :- (A)

12. Ethanol is soluble in water because it forms :

(A) Ionic bond with water

(B) Covalent bond with water

(C) Hydrogen bond with water

(D) All of these 

Answer :- (C)

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