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Girl in the magic house

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Img 9375Once a upon a time a girl named Lily lived with her father and stepmother. The stepmother had a daughter ,she was very mean and her name was Ella .

Lily was very kind.

One day lily was sewing beside the well and her pin fell in the well and she called her stepsister and said please hold my leg her sister said ok and holded her leg while lily was trying to get her pin suddenly stepmother called Ella. Then Ella left Lily’s leg and Lily fell into the well. When Lily fell into the well she saw a gate.

She was surprised, she opened the gate there was a huge forest, she moved forward .In the middle of the forest she saw a house; she went towards it and knocked the door. The door opened there was an old lady there. Lily said could I please stay with you. Ok! Said the old woman.

She said to Lily that when I am gone you have to make my bed and put feathers on it then swipe and dust the corridor and then make some food for me.

Morning began then Lily started what the old woman said she made the bed and put the feathers the ,dusted and swiped the corridor and made some food for her.

When the woman came back she was surprised and happy that Lily listened her carefully. After that Lily stayed with the old woman for 7 days and she obeyed all the old woman’s commands and then she asked the old woman that could she go back home?

The old woman said yes and asked Lily to come with her.

The old woman took Lily towards a gate and the old woman turned into a fairy. Lily was very much surprised. The fairy said her to go inside the gate Lily went inside the gate and bunch of money came raining down and pearls with it. She asked her to collect all. Then the fairy sent Lily back home.

When lily went inside the home stepmother and Ella were surprised and wondering how did Lily had so much money and pearls. Then they asked Lily the story and Lily told them everything. Then next day Ella did that whatever her greedy mom said, first she dropped the pin second she jumped in the well.

She saw the gate that Lily told her she went to it and opened it she saw a forest she saw the house and knocked at the door .She saw a woman Ella asked her rudely can I stay with you? Yes said the woman .

She said the same what she said to Lilly that when I am gone you have to make the bed and put feathers on it and swipe and dust the corridor and make some food for me.

Next day Ella was too lazy that she did not do anything that the old woman told her to do .She sat over the couch and watched her phone when the old woman came back she was very disappointed .She said Ella to do it but Ella said she was tired. The poor old woman had to do her chores by herself . 5 days she lived with the old woman the poor woman had to do the chores everyday, than Ella asked the old woman to go home. The old woman said yes but can you come with me? Ella knew already that she was going to the money gate but the old woman took her to the punishment gate.

The woman turned into a fairy and ask her to go inside the gate .Ella went in to the gate then mud and bees fell on it. Ella got dirty and stinged .She went home crying. The lesson from the story was that never be greedy .


Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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