Travel from Sahiwal to Okara

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Travels are also the need of soul to gain peace and calmness because exploration satisfies the love for nature. Similar travel, I experienced during the travel from Sahiwal to Okara, two consecutive cities of province Punjab Pakistan. 

Sahiwal is famous for it’s neeli Ravi cow and rich agriculture sector. The crops like potatoes, wheat, corn and cotton are very popular While trees include Delbergia sisso, Acacia nilotica, Eucalyptus, and fruits commonly, consist of orange, lemon, mango, dates,and jamun etc. Climate of Sahiwal is favourable for all those plants due to its variations. On the other hand, Okara is also famous for its climatic versatility. Important crops include rice, potato, corn, and wheat while fruits include mango, citrus, guava, raspberry, and jamun etc. Okara is one of the largest city for the rice production in Pakistan.

We left Sahiwal via a flyover that dropped us in front of vieu hotel situated at main G.T. road. Road was spacious and crowded with traffic but greenery around the road was fascinating. You could see beautifully structured coal power plant of Qadirabad when you were crossing yousafwala. Green trees, herbs, and shrubs were around the road. Kachi Bastian (villages have earthen houses) were also around the way to Okara. Moreover, a train track was also moving along the road. 

Cantonment area before entering into Okara. Different dairy farms, fruit farms and mosques are also there. Indeed, it’s a beautiful travel of my life. I would prefer to pass from these tracks again in my life and would suggest for others too.

yaqoot sumblaLast Seen: Mar 26, 2024 @ 2:22am 2MarUTC

yaqoot sumbla



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