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Chapter 5 ‘ THE FRIENDSHIP ‘

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After an hour

” So class, I hope you all understand this poem. If you have any doubts than free to ask.” Prof. Kim asked.

” No, Sir. We understood.” The whole class replied straightway. 

” So now tell me what you understood, you can speak in your own words. Who wants to speak?, raise your hand.” He asked while standing up from his chair and coming towards the students. 

Everyone raised their hands except me, even Eun also raises her hand too. And as has happened in history, the student who does not raise his hand in the class, the teacher always makes him stand up to give answer. Unfortunately this time that student is me.

” You miss Haneul, Tell me what you understood from this poem?, You can speak in your own words. ” He came towards me and asked. 

In a flash I stood up in front of him while looking at Eun who was hiding her chuckle. Yes, she was laughing at my condition. 

” Bitch, why you raised your hand?” I was questioning her with my eyes. 

” because I understood.” She answered me by her eyes. 

” look at me Miss Haneul and give me the answer now.” He said as he raised his voice a little bit. 

I forthwith turned my face towards him to face him. Be honest I again lost in his alluring black eyes. 

” Why is he so attractive, Haneul please come back in your senses before he will start yelling over again on you.” In my mind. 

” Give me the answer, I am waiting.” he said in his deep voice.

” Sorry Sir, I didn’t understand.” I said in hesitation. 

” Which part you didn’t understand?” He asked.

” There is parts in this poem too, ufffff Haneul do something now. My favourite number is three, yes I have to say three to him.” In my mind.

” The third part.” I said with a stupid smirk on my face. 

” Miss Haneul, there is only two parts in this poem. It means that you were not paying attention while I was teaching, am I right.” He yelled at me.

” Sorry Sir.” I said being embarrassed.

” My entire life will be spent apologizing to this man. What the hell, since he came in the class, I’ve done the apologized, not knowing how many times. Bravo! Haneul! Bravo! .” in my mind. 

” As accepted from you. Now you have to write this poem ten times with meaning, as your punishment.” He said while turning himself towards his desk with an annoyed face. He took his books from the desk and made his way to the class exit door. 

” What a fucking professor he is, without saying bye he left the class.” Eun said with an annoying face after he left.

” Hey, don’t call him fucking professor. He is fucking handsome professor.” I said cutting her off. 

” Ufffff Haneul please come back in your sense, he is our professor and plus ten or nine years older than you.” She said. 

” I know that and don’t worry I am not serious over him. Now can we go back home please because I am feeling tired, also that basterd gives me so much homework to do as a punishment.” I said being cute in front of her. 

” I believe in you, now let’s go.” She said as she held my hand and we went ahead to the class door.


This is the small and cute apartment where we are living now. Which Haneul’s father has bought on his own, he wanted that we both should not live in a hostel that’s why he bought this apartment for us. He is the second man whom I trust the most and respect, of course first is my father. I do not trust any men in this world except these two. He is like my father, he also considers me as his own daughter. 

I just took a shower and wore my favourite red t-shirt with black trousers, now I feel comfortable and relaxed. Haneul is taking a shower so I thought let’s make something for our dinner. I went to the kitchen to make some noodles. As I finished making noodles, I placed it on the plate and put the plate on the dining table. Haneul came towards the dining table and threw herself in a chair. She is wearing a blue hoodie with white trousers. We already started eating without wasting time.

” It’s so tasty.” She said while eating.

” Of course it is because I made it.” I said being a little bit cheesy.

” Ahh not again I know you are the best cook and that’s why I love you.” She said with big smile on her face.

” Forget it babe now tell me what you will do with your punishment, you have to write that poem ten times that too with meaning.” I asked her and laugh like a drain. 

” Don’t worry about me, you’re gonna do it too because that punishment is not only mine but also yours and you will have to suffer with me.” She said with a smirk. 

” What?! wait! WHY?! ” I shouted in shock. 

” Babe, because you were raised your hand that time.” 

” But I ” cut off by Haneul.

” I don’t want your ‘excuses’ I want you, you will have to write with me.” She announced.

” Ok I will help you ” I said as we started eating again. 

I know, I can never win it or truth be told, I never want to win either. I still remember that six year old girl who used to cry alone in the corner of a street. She cried alone since she didn’t like anyone to see her tears. In a pink colour frock with two ponytails, chubby cheeks and puffy eyes she was looking so cute that time. If nothing looked good, it was her tears that didn’t look good at all on her face, I hated it. 
I ran towards her and hugged her, She also hugged me and started crying again. I asked her why she is crying. She told me that two boys threaten her every day and today they crossed the limit, they had splashed dirty water on her which was now dry, it had been half an hour. Yes, she was crying for the last half hour. 

” Tell me who did this, who were they?” I asked her.

” What will you do?” She asked me with tears in her eyes.

” Just tell me who those two were.”

” come with me I will show you.” 

She held my hand and took me with her to the park where so many children were playing. She pointed her index finger towards those two boys who were bullying some other girl. I was feeling very angry, so I held Haneul’s hand and moved her towards those boys. I asked those boys whether they had done all this.
They started laughing and one of the boys said. 

“Look who this Papa’s angel has brought with her, a girl younger than her.” 

Yes, they were right, I am one year younger than Haneul but it doesn’t matter, now they have to pay for what they had done already. There was a stick lying on the side . I picked up that stick and used it to beat both the boys, I beat them so much that they would never harm anyone neither Haneul nor the other girls. They were trying to escape but I grabbed them both by their necks and presented them to her. 

” Apologize to her.” I yelled at them. 

” Sorry Haneul ” They said it while crying. 

Immediately after apologizing, both of them ran away. After they left I congratulated myself. Haneul also laughed out loud and she was looking more beautiful. I took some steps towards her to shake hands with her. 

” My name is Park Eun, Will you be my friend?” I asked moving my hand towards her to shake hands.

” No, will you be my best friend forever please?.By the way, my name is Min Haneul.” She asked me I just nodded. As I said yes she hugged me tightly and I hugged her too. 

“I swear, I will not let anyone hurt you after today.” i promised her. 

That was the day and today is the day, I have never let anyone hurt her. I didn’t have any friends before Haneul, she is the first one who became my friend and the last one, before that I was always alone and no one would even talk to me because of my anger and fighting behavior. 

In these 15 years, I have shared so many memories with Haneul. We have cried together, we have laughed together. We went to school together, then high school and now we are in same university too. 

Now I just have to fulfill my promise that I made. I will never let anyone bother her nor will tears come into her eyes. 

___________❤️ʕ⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴥ⁠ꈍ⁠ʔ❤️___________

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