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29th February 2024 | 1 Views

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This is about my cat. Her name is sofy. She is such a naughty little kitten, but we love her anyway, Because she is damn cute. In this story I’m telling about how she came into our house. 

December’s are really Misty in our area. One day I went to church. I really love those walks through the footpath. Nobody is there only me and the nature. It’s a wonderful moment. Suddenly I heard a sound from the darkness. I realised it is a Kitten’s sound. I looked surprisingly. An adorable cute tiny kitten hiding behind the grass. I fell in love with that sight. I just tried to walk away but she followed me . Then I remembered an old poem, Mary had a little lamp, in this scenario it is a cat following Jo. Whatever I took her to home and still she is following me where ever I go. 

Josna Baby



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