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Life of a woman after marriage

29th February 2024 | 2 Views

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*Life of a woman after marriage*:

India is a country with different cultures, customs and values which Every individual follows. Every state, family, caste and every community has a different culture and lifestyle. Some are middle class, some are upper middle class, poor, rich etc. The different classes have different living standards and traditions. The common thing is that every family has a woman as a daughter, sister, mother or wife. Here we will write something about the life of a woman in Indian culture.
A woman born in a family, she grows and learns everything in her home i.e. her parents’house. Her parents give her education, teach her their traditions and many more or you may say she becomes a girl to a woman in her parents home. After marriage, She comes in a different house, with different family members, traditions and sometimes different castes. She has to change every habit like her meal timing, sleep and wake up timing, dressing style, sometimes she has to even change or compromise with her job or profession or all and all it will be correct to say that she has to change her lifestyle. But it’s not mandatory in every woman’s life as some have no need to change anything as they have the same culture or understanding between the family members or in-laws or she resides with her husband only not a joint family or with in-laws. Everything impacts on her life which results that she changes herself as she was never before but no one notices as they just want her to make part of the family or tradition only. Sometimes no one wants her to change or care about how she lives. Some women go with the flow and accept the change and challenges in her life but some never compromise as they love their freedom.
The question appears here that why are we connecting it with Indian culture because in India, when a woman grows or crosses her 20’s or 30’s her parents or she by herself get married and go to another house i.e. in-law’s house or husband’s house forever and it becomes her house for the future. The ritual is called Vidai, rukhsat or different words in different cultures.
Some women change or compromise because they don’t have another choice as in Indian society, a woman abandoned by her husband or in-law’s isn’t acceptable in her own (father’s house) or some doesn’t have a family or anyone to maintain her. Some women never compromise or change as they are capable of maintaining them by themselves or they have a family who never cares about society or family but their daughter or sister only.
In every woman’s life, there’s change which can be good or bad. Some get frustrated and become rude to everyone by the time, some kill their choices and some get more happy than ever with their married life.
There’s a different family, culture, women in society every woman has different experience and impact after getting married.
Not every woman gets judged, not every woman gets love, not every woman gets pain, not every woman gets hurt, not every woman gets changed. 

Women never change but circumstances do”.

Monika Saini



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