When Will Medium Partner Program Come To India

Revealed: When will Medium Partner Program come to India

Pankaj SuyalLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:15am 8AprUTC
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Are you among the few Indian writers who are waiting long to earn money online by writing on Medium. First in August 2023 and then Oct 2023, Medium announced to soon launched medium partner program in India, though they failed to do so. Like you, me too waiting to earn via medium in India.

So, when will medium partner program available in India? And what are the reason of delays? Market Whispers saying that medium actually don’t want to release its partner program in India, so they making silly excuses to halt for unlimited duration. But what is the truth, let’s understand in this article.

When will Medium Partner Program come to India ?

Medium yet not announced the partner program in India due to disaccord on payment methods. In latest statement of Oct 2023, medium stated that more country support will launch in early 2024 with a more robust payout system. However, medium didn’t confirm any exact date.

So, When will medium partner program available for Indian writers? As stated, no formal announcement has been made as of yet. We may be in mid-2024, late-2024, or even 2025—nobody knows for sure. We are currently in early 2024.


However, since 2018, Indian writers continuously demanding for partner program, we should be optimistic. If you are Indian writers, whether writing on medium since long or fresher, I will advise you to keep writing, #medium has to launch payment method for Indians.

Is India eligible for Medium partner program?

No, Indian writers are not eligible for medium partner program in India. In August 2023, medium announced that they are launching partner program in india but within a few days, they denied access to Indian writers. Government rules and regulations of payment methods were the stated reasons.

If you are among the Indian writers thinking when will medium partner program available in India, then you might be disappointed. However, not launching partner program mere for the reason of payment channels is indigestible. There are several better methods to pay but medium is not considering them.

An article by Har Narayan, on Medium, recently put the question mark on medium intention over the medium partner program in India. Below are the exact statement by Har Narayan worth reading.

While Stripe is a popular option, Razorpay, an Indian payment gateway, could be a suitable alternative for launching Medium’s partner program in India. Razorpay seamlessly handles both domestic and international payments, streamlining the payout process for Indian writers.

How it would work:

Medium would partner with #razorpay to send writer payouts directly to their local bank accounts via Razorpay. This would simplify the process and potentially benefit both Medium and its Indian writers.

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Are Indian Writers Compensated by Medium in 2024?

As of right now, March 2024, Indian writers are not directly compensated through Medium’s Partner Program (MPP). Medium has been aiming to expand the MPP into India, which would allow Indian writers to earn money based on reader engagement.

However, logistical challenges with payment processing and local regulations have caused delays. While there’s no certain timeline, Medium remains committed to finding solutions for these challenges.

In the meantime, Indian writers can still benefit from using Medium’s platform to establish their voice, build an audience, and potentially explore alternative monetization methods while they await the official launch of the MPP in India.

How Indian writers can earn from medium in india (Without MPP)

Though Indian writers are yet not eligible to join medium partner program but you can make money on medium by affiliate marketing or selling your products. Medium offers the opportunity for anyone to write and include affiliate links, opening up a potential income stream. This could pave the way for many Indian writers to earn through Medium’s affiliate programs.

If you really want to make some extra cash through medium, you should not wait to get answer of When will Medium Partner Program come to India. Instead, following are the methods for Indian writers to make money on medium:

Affiliate Marketing: Promote products/services relevant to your content and earn a commission on referred sales.

Freelance Opportunities: Use Medium to build a portfolio, attract clients, and secure #freelance writing gigs.

Sponsored Content: Partner with brands for paid articles or collaborations if you have a sizable audience.

External Traffic: Drive readers from your Medium articles to your website or blog where you can have your own monetization methods (ads, products, etc.)

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Closing Statement

The Medium Partner Program’s (MPP) arrival in India has sadly not yet been officially revealed. Delays have resulted from complicated payment laws and infrastructure, despite Medium’s constant efforts to grow the program.

Medium is steadfast in its resolve to introduce the MPP to India in the future, despite these obstacles. Until then, Indian writers can monetize their work on Medium by investigating alternative strategies including sponsored content creation, freelance writing, and affiliate marketing.

Pankaj SuyalLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:15am 8AprUTC

Pankaj Suyal



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