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Get Custom Bakery Boxes At Wholesale Rates To Avail Amasing Benefits


28th February 2024 | 6 Views

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Bakery boxes at wholesale rates not only provide the opportunity to save money but also helps with other things like alluring packaging, better sales, brand loyalty etc. 

If you are looking for why you should switch to custom bakery boxes, then we are here to offer you our assistance. You can avail of these fantastic benefits if you customise your bakery boxes.

Get Your Brand’s Separate Identification Through Custom Packaging

You can get personal identification through custom packaging, and customers would recognise your brand even among thousands of brands. To create a distinction, you can get printed bakery boxes that no other bakery has.

There are many customisation options your brand can use for the bakery boxes, and if you decide to stick with one of them throughout, the boxes become your identification mark.

 For instance, the red colour in Coca-Cola and the orange in Fanta are the identification marks for these brands. Customers can identify their cans and bottles from a distance because of the colour.

Be The Centre Of Attention

Do you know many ways to be the centre of attention through your custom bakery boxes? You can look at your fellow brands to see what kind of packaging boxes they produce.

Closely see the trends that customers love these days. Are they looking for bright colours, or do they want something cool and calm? While ordering your bakery boxes wholesale, you must consider one thing: the boxes appear different from others.

You can only be the centre of attention if you present customers with something different. If they are using tuck-end boxes, go for sleeve-style boxes.

If they are using black colour as the background, go for pink or white. Change your packaging so you can change the impact of your boxes on customers.

Try Different Finishes

How about you present your bakery boxes with some beautiful finishes? These finishes will surely give a beautiful look to the boxes. You must try these two finishes on your boxes:

  • Gloss
  • Matte


Gloss adds shine to the boxes when placed under the light at perfect angles. It attracts customers with its shining abilities; however, a slight problem comes with gloss.

Sometimes, the gloss can produce glares that might not be attractive to some customers, and it also leaves fingerprints, giving an unappealing look to the boxes. Therefore, these boxes must be handled with care.


Matte does not add a shine; instead, it gives the boxes a sober and sophisticated look. It has a low gloss, and thus it does not reflect light. You can use this for your custom bakery boxes wholesale.

Custom Bakery Boxes Uk

Invest In Custom Packaging For Better Sales

You can explore thousands of different colours and designs using custom packaging for your bakery boxes. Using attractive colours is one of the ways to attract customers.

The colours must be trendy, and the designs must be something customers want.

Go For Alluring Colours

There are many colours that you can use for your custom bakery boxes. The bakery boxes wholesale manufacturers will provide you with a list of templates.

You may choose from the list, but if you still want a head start, here are some of the shades and tones you can use for your bakery packaging in the UK.


Pastels give a lively and calm vibe to the atmosphere. You can try the following pastel colours:

  • Pink
  • Mauve
  • Mint Green
  • Lilac
  • Lavender

Nude Shades

You can also try nude shades for your custom bakery boxes if you want a serene outlook of your boxes. Beige is one of the most famous nude shades that you can try for customised bakery boxes.

Earthy Tones

If you want a friendly and inviting look, you must try the earthy tones for your bakery boxes. Many bakery boxes wholesale manufacturers can provide shades of browns and tans mixed with greens and blues.

Dark Colours

And if you see everyone is using lighter shades, maybe you must step up the game and bring some darkness into the bakery boxes. Go for chocolate brown, black, and shades like maroon and purple to create a dark look for your custom bakery boxes.

Retain Customers Through Quality Packaging

It is not always about the colours and designs, but the quality of packaging that helps a brand retain customers. You can get different packaging materials for your bakery boxes, each with a distinct advantage.

Here are some of the boxes you can get for your custom bakery boxes:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

You can also use paper bags instead of plastic to be a sustainable brand.

Summarising The Above Discussion

There are many bakery boxes wholesale manufacturers in the market, and landing on the right one is crucial. Start your hunt today and find the best company for your bakery boxes.

These are a few benefits you can avail yourself of, if you customise your bakery boxes. You can benefit more if you explore customisation options more.

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