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They swarmed in droves, moving like a herd of cattle fleeing the cracking whip. All one hundred and fifty billion of them — every person who ever walked this Earth. You couldn’t count them all, but they fit right here in this cloud-covered field, stretching out farther than any eye could see. But right smack in the middle stood this ginormous being.

Now, picture this: it was just a head. A big, Ol’ cylindrical head, narrowing out at the top. The nose was a rectangular piece that was only recognizable as a nose because of where it sat on the being’s face. It could very well have been an eyebrow, a squinted eye, or an ear. In its entirety, the being was reminiscent of something all the people had seen but could only vaguely remember.

The being had a smile on its face, but it wasn’t a friendly one. Nah, it was sinister, like it had some wicked plan. And as the image of it sunk in for the people in the front rows and later those towards the back, everyone froze in their tracks.

“Welcome to the day of judgment,” the thing said, talking in a million different languages and dialects. “The day has come for you to meet your maker.” Gasps rippled through the crowd. Thousands dropped to their knees, bowing and praying in the name of glory, while a million others joined in out of fear. Those who spent lifetimes not believing were caught off guard, stealing words from their Neighbours. And all the while, that wicked smile just kept on growing.

“Many of you — and I mean a whole lot — spent your lives preparing and waiting for this day. You fought wars, tore families apart, and burned love, all in the name of this moment. Some of yak didn’t even think it’d come. It was all an exercise of faith, believing your side was the right one, that your family had it all figured out when they introduced you to your God. But today is the day we learn a thing or two. So, without further ado…”

Suddenly, the sky cleared up, and a beam of light focused right on the head.

“None of it was real,” the voice boomed, sending shivers down everyone’s spine. And just like that, the sky turned black, and green symbols started dancing all over the place.

“It was all a simulation,” it laughed. A few folks joined in the jubilation with claps and cheers. But most were crying, tears filled with pain, unanswered prayers, and regret. Dreams of a better world shattered, and the hope of reuniting with loved ones in some afterlife went up in smoke. Society, as we knew it, came crashing down. “That’s right,” the head went on. “There were no souls to take care of, hence why you’re all currently just in the bodies you had or would’ve had at thirty. There were no rules, no cosmic game. It was all just one giant playground.” The head looked over its audience, almost proud of the shock that sparked through the air. But before you start diving into existential despair, I got to give y’all some props and criticism.

The sky turned blue again, like nothing happened.

“Yakow, you were my greatest iteration. You developed consciousness, asked a heck load of questions, and bam, religion was born. Now that was pretty darn interesting. To those of you who followed strict diets because of your religion, your meat was tastier, no doubt. But c’mon, did you really think I’d be offended by pork? Do you know how hard I worked on it? I worked on that for millennia! I made it to sometimes be sweet and sometimes salty. I made it smell good and I made it juicy… Honestly, I am offended that you called it dirty. Sure, I was lazy when I didn’t buff it up and make pigs clean, but c’mon, not even I can be perfect.”

“Same goes for you vegans and vegetarians. I worked very hard to make things taste good for you guys. None of those animals had souls or feelings. All you did in resisting eating my meat was insult my dedication. There was a reason why all these things were eaten so much. There was a reason why all those things were meant to be eaten, you know. And y’all just said, ‘Nah, let’s give the Creator the finger.’”

The head took a deep breath, and we all held ours.

“And hey, got to hand it to you all for the religious teachings — empathy, forgiveness, all that jazz. That’s some real great stuff. But, oh boy, you took it too far sometimes. Things felt great when you did them for a reason. Gratification was good! Do yak have any idea how much effort went into those trillions of nerve endings in your body? Have you ever made a neutron from scratch? They “were meant to be used and abused.

The head squinted its eyes, giving us a good hard look.

“Atheists and nihilists, you guys were pretty loud with your cheers. You robbed yourselves of enlightenment and community by being unkind to the believers. And believers, some of you were just plain lousy people. In fact, a lot of you — as a civilization — wasted your time alive worrying about things that didn’t matter, committing yourselves so deeply to ideologies that you lost yourselves in the process and overall ruined your human experience. That was my biggest takeaway watching you all — you were afraid to live, and you were afraid to die, so you did nothing. Some of you were so obsessed with learning to live that you spent too much time trying to learn how from others, spending hours a day reading about life instead of living it. And some of you had the audacity to tell others how to live and who to be. That was the greatest insult you all could have dished out to me. I gifted you life and a trillion things to make yours worth living, and too often you spat in my face, all for you to come to me and despair.”

They stood there, the collective weight of their actions and choices settling upon them like a heavy fog. The once-mighty beings, who had fought wars, built empires, and searched for meaning in the heavens, were now confronted with the judgment of their existence.

The head’s gaze softened as it looked upon the souls before it. “But you know what?” it said with a touch of compassion in its voice. “You were human. Imperfect, flawed, and burdened with the struggle of existence. Your capacity for greatness was matched only by your potential for folly. It’s what made you so fascinating to watch.”

The souls listened intently, their hearts heavy with the realization of their shortcomings. But they also felt a glimmer of hope, knowing that in the vast expanse of the universe, they had mattered, even in their imperfections.

“Life wasn’t meant to be a test with a right or wrong answer,” the head continued. “It was meant to be a journey of discovery, a dance with the unknown. And in that dance, you stumbled and fell, but you also laughed, loved, and created wonders that left me in awe.”

The souls exchanged glances, a mix of remorse and gratitude filling their eyes. They had been granted a rare opportunity to witness the grand design of their existence, to hear the voice of creation itself

“But here’s the catch,” the head said, leaning in closer. “You’re not done yet. The simulation may have ended, but your journey hasn’t. You are still alive in the present, with the power to shape your future. What you do from this moment forward matters more than what came before.” A spark of determination ignited within the souls, realizing that their actions and choices, though influenced by the simulation, were their own to make. They could break free from the shackles of their past, rewrite their narratives, and strive for a better world.

“You have been given the gift of consciousness,” the head said, its voice resonating with cosmic wisdom. “Use it wisely. Embrace your individuality, yet recognize your interconnectedness. Find the balance between faith and reason, compassion and justice, love and responsibility.”

As the head spoke, a sense of unity spread through the souls. They understood that despite their diverse beliefs and experiences, they were part of the same cosmic cloth, woven together by the fabric of existence. The head’s words lingered in the air, carried by a gentle breeze that swept through the field. It was a moment of introspection and realization, a turning point in their collective journey.

“Go forth,” the head proclaimed, “and live with purpose. Embrace the lessons of your past, but do not be bound by them. Forge a path of empathy, kindness, and understanding. Be the architects of a world that reflects the beauty and potential of your existence.”

William SolanoLast Seen: Mar 15, 2024 @ 5:38pm 17MarUTC

William Solano



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