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Chapter 4 ‘ WHY WE GOT MARRIED!? ‘

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Milyin » 569552 » Chapter 4 ‘ WHY WE GOT MARRIED!? ‘

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Today Eun is being very emotional because of Dr. Jeon. I was aware that she loves him but If I had known that making love with him was going to hurt her this much, I would never have let her fall in love with Dr. jeon. I hold her hand and said. 

” Go and confess your feelings to him. Tell him how much you love him.” I said as she removed her hand from mine and turned her face. 

” I won’t ” She said.

” But why?” I immediately asked. She didn’t say anything. I again asked her.

” WHY EUN WHY?, You said that he took good care of you, He always support you and your dreams,” I didn’t completed my sentence as cut of by Eun.

” As a child, he treated me as a child, he took good care of me as a child, he supported me as a child, he thinks himself as my guardian that’s it. And the most important thing is that he loves someone else. ” She yelled at me. 

I can see the pain which is visible in her eyes, I can understand too what kind of situation she is going through. How much she got hurt, how she bears all this pain by itself. 

” WHY WE GOT MARRIED, EUN?” a tear came out from my eyes as I asked. 

” I really don’t know.” She said with a smirk on her face.

” It’s all your fault.” I said while wiping my tears. 

” Really, it was all my fault. You were the one who said that let’s get married with them. don’t you? ” She said in an annoyed tone. 

” Ohh! it was me. ” I said in little bit embarrassing tone.

We both looked up at the red sky. At this time it is 6 o’clock in the evening.

After being silent for a while, we both took a deep breath and said.

” WHY WE GOT MARRIED ” We both said at the same time.



Today is my first day at Yonsei University. Apologize, not only mine but also my best friend’s first day too. We both got scholarship in this university. Two days ago we came from Busan to Seoul. yes our home place is busan, for further studies we came here, it’s mine as well as her childhood dream which turned into reality today. Now we both are standing in front of Yonsei university entrance gate. 

” It feels like a dream came true. ” I said in excitement while admiring the university entrance gate.

” Honestly, I have no idea. Our childhood dream has come true already.” She said in a more exciting tone than me. 

” Shall we go to towards our dreams first step.” I said as I extended my hand towards her. 

She immediately held my hand and we ran towards the university entrance. the most beautiful moment in my life. 



We are sitting in front bench of the class. All the lectures were amazing, Now there is only one last lecture left. But maybe the professor will not come today. 

” I think it so that professor will not come today.” I said while turning myself towards Haneul. 

” I also think so, let’s continue our discussion which is left. You know that boy who is sitting on the last bench, he has four girlfriends. Can you believe it.” She said as she started making fun on this topic.

” Really, I can’t believe it. He is not good looking at all, how he has?.” I said as I also joined her in this rubbish. 

” Babe, he is rich.” She said with annoying face.

” Ohh, is that so.” I said

We are in our own world when a boy came to in front of our bench and said.

” Stand up ” He said in ordering tone, which I really don’t like and Haneul also got angry with him. 

” Don’t you have manners how to talk with girls. We are not supposed to be standing up that too in front of you. Go to your place Mr.” She said without looking at him. 

” I said stand up, both of you.” this time his voice is full of anger which is clearly visible. 

” And don’t you heard what I said to you. I am not going to stand up, what will you do!? you fucking basterd.” She yelled at him.

I feel strange the whole class is silent, I turned myself backward to see the students and I got goosebumps all over on my body. they all were standing up already. I immediately stand up properly and said.

” Good afternoon sir.” I said in Panicking. 

” Why are you calling him sir? ” She asked me in anger.

” Because he is, Haneul. Look back, maybe he is the professor whom we are waiting for.” I replied. 

” What you meant by maybe, I am your language professor and also your class teacher unfortunately.” He announced. 

” All of you please sit down except you two.” He said.

” Sorry Sir, we misunderstood you.” I apologized because Haneul is still silent maybe she is in shock. 

” Why are you saying sorry Miss, you didn’t do anything. Here is someone else who should have to be apologize.” He said in his cold voice. 

” Forget it, it’s your first day that’s why I am letting you both. You have to be careful and respectful while talking to me or any other professors. Next time you’ll get punishment.” he take a deep breath and continued himself. I immediately sit down and see Haneul is still in shock and standing like a statue. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to sit.

” So class is your first day which is going to end after this lecture, hope you all enjoyed it. It’s my first lecture in your class as I said already, I am your Korean language professor as well as your class teacher too, my name is Kim Young, nice to meet you guys. Now let’s start.” He said while folding his right hand sleeve. 


I don’t know what is going on here, I just got mad at a guy who turned out to be my professor. To be honest my anger was gone only when I looked at this person, those beautiful and sharp eyes, perfect pink lips, dark black hair. In white shirt and brown formal pant he is looking so gorgeous. Unfortunately he is my professor and I already told him a lot of bad things which I really don’t want to say just in anger I’ve done such things like this, why I have this much anger issues, My bad as always. I am busy staring at him when I feel a grip on my left arm and pull me to sit down on the bench. As I settle down with no expression on my face, I heard a whisper.

” What’s wrong with you, You should say sorry to him for the mess which you created by your fucking mouth. At least say sorry to him.” Eun whispered in my ear. 

” What? ” I said and still admiring him. He is saying something while folding his shirt sleeves. I never ever seen this much attractive man in my whole life. 

” Are you in your senses ” She again whispered.

” If you want to talk then get out of the class, don’t bothered to the whole class.” Prof. Kim yelled at us. 

” Sorry Sir ” we said it together. 

” Pay attention to what I’m teaching, I’ll ask questions at the end.” He said and continued himself. 

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Tenu SkLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 8:54am 8AprUTC

Tenu Sk



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