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Milyin » 569397 » THE PREDATORS BAIT

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The night was dead, the darkness so thick you could almost feel it. There were no movements of people, only the distant noise from a local bar broke the spell of the night, A young woman at the furthest end of the street was just winding up and closing up her shop, it had been a long day as usual with very little earnings. ”well, time to go home and take a long nap, i hope the goons are not out yet.” The woman thought to herself as she started her journey home. Then suddenly she froze, something wasn’t right! her eyes had caught something, a distant movement from the darkest alley of the street,

Three figures suddenly emerged. Three men, oblivious to their surroundings. They were walking with an aura of authority and anyone in his right senses wouldn’t dare mess with them. One of them who looked like their leader pointed towards the direction of the bar, with acknowledgement, the other two followed him.

The room was full of people, they had to shove people aside for them to move. They stood at the center of the room and for a moment they thought they were in the wrong room.

Puppet was the first one to notice them, seated at the corner of the room, it was easy for him to see everything, yet it took the three men fifteen minutes to spot him. They headed towards the lone table and sat. No one spoke for some time, and the men started to get nervous. Puppet was the one who broke the silence.

“You are late.” The men looked at each other without knowing what to do. So, Puppet continued.

“So, tell me, what the hell went wrong with your assignment?”

“We couldn`t get what you asked for sir!” Don their leader started to explain.

“And why is that?” Puppet asked with composure, and this did the men no good.

“It was complicated, at first, the data you gave us was inaccurate, its server was mega encrypted, we couldn`t get all we wanted and also the assets were unable to gain access to, it was risky, so we pulled out Don finished.

“Did you cover your tracks well?”

“Yes, all is good, no one needs to worry” Don Assured

“Okay you may leave now” Puppet said waving his hands at them.

The three men were shocked, confusion filled their faces, and everyone was now sweating bullets, with the exception of puppet.

“What about our pay cheque?” Don erupted; his blood was already boiling. Then with such annoying ease, Puppet slowly reached for his glass and refilled his whisky.

“Pay for what? You didn`t get what you were asked for” Puppet said at the same time emptying his glass. 

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve sent on this damn assignment” Don was exploding.

“I have no idea, why don’t you be my guest.” puppet replied.

“You bastard!” Don was on the verge of exploding.

“Look! I don’t care whether you have spent your money or not. If you want my refund you will have to find Shuyao and tell him yourself.”

“Damn you! You think you scare me, huh! Tell me, do you know who I am? Do you know what I can do to this Shuyao man of yours?” Don said with a lot of venom.

“Nah, I don’t know; you tell me” Puppet replied.

By now Don was at his breaking point, he couldn`t believe what was happening.

“Well, fine then, you will regret this. I will make sure I exhaust every little piece of information about him, that’s what I will do” Don said cursing, he took a glass from the table and broke it on the floor, and together with his gang they left the room.

“All the best buddy” Puppet called out, but Don was already gone.  Puppet finished his drink and walked out to follow Don and his gang into the street. Don was cursing and complained loudly with venom.

Just then, his ears caught something. It sounded like sound of loading gun; they turned around to see the dark figure advancing towards them. They all sensed danger and so they ran for their lives, then three cracking sounds broke through the air, three bodies fell on the muddy ground cursing and wailing in pain. Then the bodies stopped, never to move again.




12th may, Mannheim, Germany.

The three sat on a carefully parked car, waiting for the prey to come their way. Jack, Zack and Lacy were friends from the special intelligence forces of Russia operating in Tomsk. They had been expelled from the unit two years ago. Now they had decided to use their skills to make some money.

“Who cares what we have to do to make money? We live for a short while and then die. I am not going to sit here and wait for manna from hell. Whether you guys are in or not, I’m in the deal, after all I’m not being paid to be a patriot.” Lacy said as she tried to convince Zack and Jack to accept the offer given by an unknown source to raid some high school girls. Later on, they agreed to come along all the way to Germany and now they were in position, waiting impatiently to get over the deal.

“Yo! Lacy, are you sure we are on the right place? Because I see no movements at all. Maybe you read the letter wrongly or maybe we came at the wrong date” Zack inquired.

“Just because you are a foo doesn`t mean everyone is, of course this is the right place, just a few minutes and we`ll be stinking rich.” Lacy defended herself.

After nearly two hours of waiting, the girls emerged from the furthest end, their laughter bouncing through the alley. They were lost in their girly talk that they dint notice when the predators made their move. The raid was very fast that before the girls knew what was happening the car was already at the main road speeding off to Frankfurt.

Back in the Mannheim neighborhood everything was as usual, the women were merrily buying clothes the Men arguing about politics, students coming from school and at the coffee shop a young boy was dazzled beyond comprehension to believe what he had just seen.



















Seth HinzanoLast Seen: Mar 20, 2024 @ 8:47pm 20MarUTC

Seth Hinzano



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