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Know How to Extend Australian Student Visa

Mary Ann IgnacioLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 9:30am 9AprUTC
Mary Ann Ignacio

27th February 2024 | 9 Views
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Congratulations on completing your graduation. It is time for you to start your career or extend your further education. If you have plans to extend your student visa for any reason, ensure that you have visited the Australian immigration authority three months prior of your student visa ending.

You have to plan your student visa extension in Australia beforehand, the reason being, renewing process does not come handy. The rules and regulations are different and you have to be more careful while applying for an extension.

Hence, the following blog is just for you! Continue reading to know in detail about how to extend an Australian student visa.

What are the Current Updates on Student Visa in Australia?

Before we learn about the student visa extension process, let us get a sneak peek of new changes on student visas.

1.       The actual student test will replace the current one, genuine temporary entrant. The replacement is done to seek for international students who genuinely wants to study in Australia and not pick this pathway to work or settle in the country.

2.       IELTs or PTE scores for student visa in Australia is increased to 6.0 form 5.5.

3.       The processing times for student visas will depend on the education providers. Therefore, it will not be right to expect the same processing times for all student visas.

The dates for when these changes will be implemented are not decided yet however, you can expect these changes in the near future. Note that the existing student visa policies still apply.

What are the Reasons to Apply for a Student Visa Extension?

There is not just one but, many reasons to extend your student visa in Australia. You can extend your visa if:

  1.            You are unable to finish your course before your student visa expired in the following circumstances –
  • ·         Failed subjects
  • ·         Study load
  • ·         Personal situations – health emergencies, family emergencies, and alike
  • 2.       You are taking admission in a new course.
  • 3.       Your course’s duration is extended and will be completed after your current student visa is expired.
  • 4.       You are working on research thesis and its marking will complete after your visa is expired.
  • 5.       The application of your graduate research is extended.

How to Apply for a Student Visa Extension in Australia?

Secure a new CoE

First things first, you will have to apply for a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), which will be done by your education provider’s online platforms. In certain cases, you might need to directly contact to the designated university personnel.

Renew your OSHC

Second, your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), will not cover you for your extend time in Australia. This means, along with your student visa, you will have to renew your OSHC policy too. Get in touch with your OSHC provider for renewing your health cover and ensure it covers you for the time you have extended your stay.

Gather Necessary Documents

CoE and OSHC are two main documents that you must update along with some other necessary documents, including:

  • ·         A valid proof of your birth certificate
  • ·         A valid proof of your national identity card
  • ·         A valid proof of your driver’s license
  • ·         A valid proof of employment history, if applicable
  • ·         A valid proof of your marriage certificate, if applicable
  • ·         A valid proof of your financial capacity, along with the proof of access to these funds

Apply for a New Student Visa

Now comes the step, where you have to visit your Immi Account and apply for a new student visa. Fill out the application form carefully and upload all the required documents. You can take assistance of a professional migration agent.

Wait for the Approval

Last step is to wait for the approval of your student visa application from the Department of Home Affairs. Once granted, you can enjoy your stay in the beautiful country and continue with your studies.

Key Takeaways

Is your student visa about to expire? And, you are planning to extend your stay? Look no further than Asia Pacific Group! Our team of MARA agents will help you with your student visa extension process and ensure everything goes smoothly. We have a decade long experience in this field therefore; you can rest assured of successful outcomes.

Mary Ann IgnacioLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 9:30am 9AprUTC

Mary Ann Ignacio



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