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New Nonfiction Books Released in February 2024

Akale AkaleLast Seen: Apr 13, 2024 @ 5:04am 5AprUTC
Akale Akale

29th February 2024 | 3 Views
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Private Equity: A Memoir by Carrie Sun (Feb 13)

Carrie Sun, whose parents immigrated to China, enjoyed a successful career and was engaged to a seemingly wonderful partner. However, upon departing from her job and withdrawing from her MBA studies, she opted to pursue a position at a hedge fund. This career move proved transformative as she delved into an entirely unfamiliar domain. 

2. My Side of the River: A Memoir by Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez (Feb 13) 

Upon the departure of her parents to Mexico, Camarillo Gutierrez found herself assuming the responsibility of caring for her younger brother in the United States. Consequently, she joined the ranks of numerous young individuals who face homelessness following their parents’ deportation.


This American Ex-wife: How I Ended My Marriage and Started My Life by Lyz Lenz (Feb 20).

Lyz Lenz, renowned for her widely acclaimed publication on Substack and the author of a new memoir detailing her experience of divorce, delves into the societal perception of ex-wives in the United States through a feminist perspective. 


Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story by Leslie Jamison (Feb 20)

Renowned author Leslie Jamison’s latest literary work, “Splinters,” delves into the complexities of societal expectations placed on women, depicting the multifaceted roles they are often tasked with embodying simultaneously: daughter, mother, wife, artist, and academic. In this memoir, Jamison takes a introspective approach, turning her analytical focus towards her own experiences and delving into a self-examination that places her life as the central narrative.


Slow Noodles: A Cambodian Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Recipes by Chantha Nguon with Kim Green (Feb 20) 

Chantha Nguon recounts the poignant tale of losing her entire family in Cambodia, her journey to the United States, and the arduous process of rebuilding her life. Amidst the turmoil, food becomes her solace, offering a pathway back to her mother’s kitchen. There, enveloped by familiar aromas, she finds a comforting sense of home, allowing her to reconnect with cherished memories and embrace a new beginning.


Dead Weight: Essays on Hunger and Harm by Emmeline Clein (Feb 27) 

Emmeline Clein delves into her personal journey of battling disordered eating by interweaving narratives of various women, including historical figures, celebrities, and individuals from her own experiences. She navigates between her own challenges in the tumultuous journey of recovery and the stories of other women grappling with the pressures of toxic diet culture and unattainable beauty ideals.

Akale AkaleLast Seen: Apr 13, 2024 @ 5:04am 5AprUTC

Akale Akale


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