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The history of Rajputana

27th February 2024 | 10 Views

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Rajputs are the oldest clan of India.Rajpits are considered as kshatriya or martial cla.Rajputs are mainly divided into 2 groups the Suryavanshi and the Chandravanshi l.Suryavanshi are believed to be descended from lord Rama and chandravshi are believed to be descended from Lord shree krishna.Rajputs ruled over a large part of India mainly Rajasthan.The important rajput kingdoms were Chauhan empire,Mewar empire etc.Rajputs are the people who are highly respected through out the India for their Bravery, Sacrifice and Courage.Rajputs have always kept their respect over everything.For eg if I want to give example of Rajput bravery then I can surely give example of The Mighty Maharana Pratap.A 7.5 feet rajput king who refused to surrender or accept dominance of Mughal Empire.This king bare handed killed a tiger.Although his kingdom was very small but he refused to surrender which led to battle between the kingdoms of Mewar and The Mughal empire.At the end the kingdom of Mewar emerged to be victorious.Thier are many examples of Rajput Bravery that will never end.Rajput kings contributed to India by giving many acres of lands and forts to the government at the time of independence.Their is also a special regiment in Indian army named after Rajputana known as Rajputana rifles.At last i want to say that I feel proud on being a Indian and a Rajput.

Jai bhawani

Jai hind 

Rohan Chauhan



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