20-20-20 Eye care rule a need for today

26th February 2024 | 2 Views

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                It has more than three years since the deadly covid-19 tried to swipe away everything from our lives. We now are grateful for a fresh beginning. We lost so much but also acquired some new skills, a new way of living. One of them was now a complete dependency on digital devices. It undoubtedly became the most important part of our life. No more used only for an entertainment or informative medium but the livelihood promoting angel. Office spaces to schools everything went online. This increased our eye exposure to the digital devices much more than before. No doubts since then there have been not only an inadvertent rise in cases of Myopia worldwide but also numerous other eye problems popped in like dry eyes, watery eyes, itching, blurry vision and what not. Experts says this happened mostly due to the continuous eye strain because of overuse of mobile phones, gadgets, and computer. The posture issues due to prolonged viewing also led to neck strain and shoulder pain.

Across the globe experts now stress on use of 20-20-20 rule, which got ironically famous since year 2020.
It is a straightforward technique to prevent eye strain. It allows oneself to combat the eye fatigue and relaxes eye muscles after focusing over screen for extended periods.
The rule is simple
For every 20 minutes take a break off screen and in that look far away object for at least 20 seconds. Alarm could be set in to inform about the same can be set in.

Beyond the reduction of eye strain it also incorporates other benefits like

1. Prevents long blue light exposure.
The blue light emitted from digital devices often interfere with body’s natural rhythm and sleep. Also, according to few experts, it may damage the cells of retina.

2. Promotes good mental health
Often too much into something is not good for. Mental health. Taking short breaks helps to improve focus and productivity and prevents mental fatigue.

3. Posture problems reduces
When the position of body is changed after every 20 minutes, the strain on neck and shoulder gets minimized. The break gives an opportunity to stretch your body and move.

4. Good Hydration
While taking breaks incorporating good hydration practice at same time can ensure benefits in maintaining a better physical health. This is like two profits under a pack.

Remember eyes are the window to the world and that window cannot have scars, or breaks on it else the image of the world gets distorted. We live to see so take care to see well. We need to be grateful to experience the wonders of nature so why to. Just limit oneself to digital devices and be devoid external beauty. Leaving the digital world completely is of course not a choice anymore but one can pledge for the 20-20-20 eye care rule and save the eyes from the slow damage caused by the prolonged exposures.

Surman Singh



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