Covid Vaccination Poetry_Nurse Bev

16th October 2023 | 2 Views

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Covid Vaccination Poetry

Ladybevz 2022

Dear Doctor Karl MD, 

Your care has brought a smile to my lonely soul,

You showed compassion and respect which I deeply adore;

My excitement to work every day is like a flower into captivity;

Just to see you deliv er Vaccines to different municipality,

You were trained in the art of Healing,

Blessed by the ability I want to strengthen;

Your touch had given cure to your Patient’s pain;

But I hope you can cure mine that drives me insane,


Despite the pressure brought upon this pandemic,

Your humility never failed to be charismatic;

A Nurse that will guide your Spirituality;

And shall protect you against Carnality,


I came for a visit, a Nurse to your aide and soon my contract ends,

A bid of goodbye before COVID threatens;

May we find each other’s Valentine;

Whenever and wherever our path shines, 😉




Prepared By: Nurse Bev, Sulop Davao Del Sur, 8009 Philippines

Beverly Reblingca



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