Top 10 romance animes you need to watch right now!

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27th February 2024 | 15 Views
Milyin » 567803 » Top 10 romance animes you need to watch right now!

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  • #1-Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
  • #2-Your lie in april
  • #3-Shikimoris not just a cutie
  • #4-Horimiya
  • #5-Darling in the franxx
  • #6-Oregairu
  • #7-86/[eighty six]
  • #8-Rent a girlfriend
  • #9-Kaguya-sama love is war
  • #10-Komi cant communicate
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    Finding some good short romance animes?

    No problem I gotchu!! 😃

    This is my first post so please adjust with me.

    (Note: just a personal opinion)

    #1-Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


    You might have heard about this anime, if not let me tell you one thing; it has won the Crunchyroll anime of the year award  in 2023.

    • Very good plot.
    • High quality animation.
    • Unique style.
    • Interesting side characters.
    Genre:action, sci-fi, gore, organised crime. 

    More info on: (MAL)

    Definitely a solid: [10/10] 

    #2-Your lie in april


    Definitely you will love this one for sure. It will make you cry; as ending is very sad.                      This anime has banger songs and music.

    • Very music influential anime.
    • High quality animetion.
    • Love triangle.
    • Interesting plot.
    Seasons:1, & 1 OVA ep
    Genre:Drama, Music, Romance, school, shounen, love polygon.

    More info on: (MAL)

    #3-Shikimoris not just a cutie


    This anime is very fun to watch. Here the male mc has unluck written on his forehead. And the cute thing is his girlfriend saves him everytime, when something bad seems to happen to him. 

    • Too much cuteness.
    • Happy anime.
    • High quality animation.
    • Definitely recommended if ur “single”.
    Episodes: 12
    Genre:Comedy, Romance, School.

    More info on: (MAL)



    This is something which was trending back in 2022. We all loved it. Slightly feels like an kdrama for me. Yeah Season 1 is the best; but not that season 2 is not good; (S1>S2)

    • Interesting and successful love story.
    • Happy anime.
    • Animation Quality is good.
    • Interesting side characters.
    • Mc is a badass.
    Status: Completed 
    Seasons:2, & OVA 6 eps
    Genre:Romance, School, Shounen.

    More info on: (MAL)

    #5-Darling in the franxx


    To say this is masterpiece anime. The end was unexpected. You should really try this anime. And note that: This is a mech involved anime.

    • Rollercoaster of emotions.
    • 10/10 story from my side.
    • Animation Quality is good.
    • Sad character background story.
    • Filled with interesting different side characters.
    • You will love it.
    Genre:Romance, Mecha, Sci-fi, Action, Drama.

    More info on: (MAL)



    This is decent anime. Because this has a bit more episodes. Story is abou, mc finding for a Girlfriend. “Sensei is the best”

    • Decent Story.
    • Animation Quality decent.
    • Although being short it feels a bit boring.
    Episodes: 13
    Seasons:3, & 3 OVA’s each 1 ep
    Genre:Romance, Love polygon, School, Comedy.

    More info on: (MAL)

    #7-86/[eighty six]


    Highly worth it anime. Best part of the anime is the last episode. Last episode is the king here. This is a racist anime. Mech involved. But good ending .

    • Different plots.
    • Interesting side characters.
    • High Quality Animation.
    • Beautiful ending.
    • Not specifically romantic.
    Episodes: 11
    Seasons:2, & 1 Special 
    Genre:Action, Drama, Mecha, military, sci-fi.

    More info on: (MAL)

    #8-Rent a girlfriend


    Although being a trash. The anime will make u watch it. Despite the male mc being super cringe. You will somehow still will watch this shit.

    • Absolute Garbage but still if you start watching, you won’t leave it.
    • Cute and beautiful characters.
    • High-quality Animation.


    Seasons:3 & many OVA and ONA.

    Harem, romance, Shounen, Comedy, Adult cast.

    More info on: (MAL)

    #9-Kaguya-sama love is war


    This is a super good anime. This is just a list and you can research more on MAL if you want to. Overall worth watching.

    • High quality animation.
    • Good ratings. 
    • Deserves good ranking than the trash shit.
    Seasons:3 & 1 OVA & 1 movie 
    Genre:psychology, comedy, romantic subset, school, seinen.

    More info on: (MAL

    #10-Komi cant communicate


    Here the female mc cannot talk. She’s cute. And I won’t say more. You have try this one.

    • High quality animation.
    • Interesting couple.
    • You can try this one.
    Genre:romantic, school, shounen, Comedy.

    More info on: (MAL)

    **Again a reminder these are not the ranking and just a list**

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