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Chapter 3 ‘ MY WIFE ‘

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Milyin » 567724 » Chapter 3 ‘ MY WIFE ‘

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I’m standing in front of him while he is looking at me like, he will eat me alive. I am looking here and there to avoid eye contact with him. After five minutes silent he broke the silence.

” Wanna explain yourself ” he asked me.

” Sir I promise I’ll never ever fight with Soomin please forgive me this time” I said while bowing myself in front of him.

” I am not asking you why you were fighting with Soomin you already explained that matter in front of principal. I want to know why you slapped me? ” he asked me in very cold tone. 

” That was an accident Sir. ” I said in embarrassing tone.

” that wasn’t an accident Mrs. Kim ” he said as red blood in his eyes clearly visible. 

” Sorry Sir ” I really don’t know what to say so I said sorry. 

“You have two choices MRS. KIM HANEUL?” He said in a terrible tone.

” What? ” I said in confusion.

“I have to punish you, right. Then tell me now, how I punish you?” he said with a creepy smirk on his demon face. 

“Sorry Sir but I really don’t understand what you meant by that” I said being more confused.

“I’ll explain it to you, if you want me to punish you as your professor, I will, and if you want me to punish you as your husband, I’ll. Now the choice is yours” he said.

“As a professor” immediately I said.

“Ok, then take these ten question papers with you and solve them, ten times each paper.” pointing at the bunch of papers which are placed on his desk.

“And for a month you have to help the librarian in library work. You better know what kind of work it is after all you have an experience already” he said in a serious tone.

“Prof. Kim, If I ask you to punish me as my husband. then What will be the punishment is?” I asked him as I’m wonder what it will be.

“Wash all my clothes, all bed sheets, pillow covers and dishes and you have to clean my whole house too” He said in very serious tone.

As he completed his sentence I took the bunch of question papers on his desk and said.

” I will solve these question papers each paper ten times and I’ll help the librarian in his work too. ” I said in one breath and get out of his cabin. 

” Such a emotionless person he is. I hate him so much for sure ” in my mind.


I didn’t complete my sentence as she took all those question papers and left my cabin already.

” Such a stupid girl she is. But cute also” In my mind.

Haneul and I got married a year ago and we are not a happy couple, only because of me.

I treat her like she is my personal slave and I am always being cold while I am talking with her. 

I never treated her as my wife. I know she is a brilliant girl with childish behaviour. she is kind hearted and so innocent too.

I just love her so much but I never confessed my feelings to her yet and not gonna do it till her graduation.

I want to see her graduate and be successful in her life as I already know she has lots of dreams and goals so, till her graduation day I have to control myself by being cold towards her, In her language I am being Hitler or demon king so and so but I have to.

once she completes her graduation I will definitely make her fall in love with me for sure and make her mine forever.

” My childish wife, my wife only mine” In my heart.


I entered my classroom and saw there was someone who was sitting on the last bench in the empty class while putting her head on desk. For sure she is Eun my one an only best friend. I rushed towards her. As she feel my presence she immediately stood up and hug me very tightly while crying. 

” What happened my love, Why are you crying? ” I asked her as she never cried like this before. She is strong enough to make others cry. 

” Nothing ” As she said I broke the hug to face her. Her eyes and cheeks turned into deep red be honest she is looking gorgeous.

” Something something?” I said while making sach face enough to make her blast in laughter and I succeed.

” Nothing nothing ” She said while laughing.

” Can we go out for some fun? ” I asked.

” And what about your punishment which you bring with you?” She asks me to pointing on those papers which is still in my hand. 

” I will solve them tomorrow, I really need some fresh air, can we go now please.” I said in requesting tone.

” Ok, then let’s go babe.” As she said yes, I held her hand as we took our bags and started running towards the class exit. 

In Gyeongui Line Forest Park


we are sitting on a bench in the Gyeongui line forest park. This park is our favourite park where we used to come whenever we felt sad or depressed. I rest my head on her shoulder and try to forget all the things which make me sad. A drop of tear came out of my eyes when i heard a caring and loving voice, obviously it was Haneul voice. 

” Now tell me why were you crying in that empty class, don’t try to lie ” she said. 

I raised my head and looked at Haneul. I remained silent, but as she was reading my tearful eyes, she spoke while wiping my tears. 

” Because of Dr. Jeon, right?! ” She said and held my hand in her.

I just nodded and she smiled at me like she ever did. She is like that she always laughed in every serious situation. I’m not complaining I am also that type of.

” Don’t worry, it’s gonna end very soon. Only three months left.” She said. 

” that’s why, it’s gonna end, only three months are left and I’ll have to leave him.” I said while trying to control my emotions. I take a deep breath and continued myself. 

” You know what Haneul, I am in love with him for the beginning. He always treated me as a child. He never ever treated me as his wife, He was very soft towards me, he always took good care of me, and that’s the things which made me fall in love with him. l really love him as my husband, as my everything. I love him from bottom of my heart.” I said while giving her a fake smile with tears in my eyes. 

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