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27th February 2024 | 6 Views

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Previously I have told you about the four mahasu brothers now today I am going to tell the life story of these brothers.Once in the valley of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh lived a demon named kirmik. This demon  used to kill new born babies and troubled people of the valley. At the time in this valley there lived a Brahmin named Bhoona Bhatt whose wife gave birth to five children and all of them were killed by this same demon. Finally the brahmin’s wife gave birth to the sixth child. The Brahman was scared that demon would kill his child. So he begin meditating for lord Shiva for solution to his problem. Finally lord Shiva appeared in front of him and said that you must travel to Kashmir India because there is solution to his problem. Brahman begins his journey for Kashmir. Soon he came cross a temple where these lords resided he told them about his problems and the lord said don’t worry we four brothers will be born from a field. On a specific day the field had to be ploughed and the 4 brothers would come out of the field. Finally the four brothers came to the earth and kill the demon and till date they rule the valley of Jaunsar  bawar(uttrakhand)and Himachal Pradesh.

Rohan Chauhan



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