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The First Ever Inner nourishment Beauty and Fitness Kit for ‘FAMILY’


24th February 2024 | 4 Views

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The Amogh-Fitness and Beauty Kit is a wonderful present for those you care about. Many cosmetics promise to make you glow or be fair, but how can you ever achieve that without inside nourishment?

 Many fitness enthusiasts avoid sweets in an effort to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, and become more energetic. For them, we have natural sugar that they can use in their milk and tea. We have a black garlic choice that will help you maintain your strength and fitness.

We offer natural fruit powder that can add shine and radiance to your skin and hair. Since pomegranates, raspberries, and other fruits are not readily available, many of us do not eat them all.

We have colourful, attractive, natural powder which can be added in a curd, salad etc as an attractive look and benefits. 

Amogh is ready to help you to eat best food for your BEAUTY and PHYSIQUE. 

Corporates can gift it to their employees to show your concern to them. You can gift it to your loved ones who is more concern towards fitness. A son / daughter can gift it to parents who want to see their parents healthy and fit.   Whatsapp :98791566333 (For all inquiry)401758349 3269342209876389 3418269049825223112 N

Dhara Patel



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