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Concept of love

21st February 2024 | 3 Views

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Whatever love is in its proper meaning, most people think of it as
that mysterious element in unanalyzed human experience which is
the deepest moving force of human activity. The literature of all times

and cultures testifies to this natural conviction. Now, desire (con-
scious drive or urge or tendency) is the most obvious claimant to that

title and so to the name of love. To say that it is the most obvious
claimant is not to confer legitimacy on its claim. As we shall see,
there are many who will dub it a false pretender. Nevertheless its
claim is so powerfully backed by evidence that there seem to be more,

both learned and unlearned, who accept its claim than they would
the claim of any other affection. As might be expected, therefore, it is
also the one which is more often attacked than any other by those
who hold a variety of other notions about love. For this reason alone
love as desire would in any case be one good starting point for a

dialectical survey of opinions on the nature of love, because most of
the other important opinions are developed in relation to desire. That
is to say, the notion of love is explained by opposing it to desire as a
contrary, as a source, or as a goal of desire.

Adarsh Kanojiya



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