Industrial Needs: How to Pick the Right Fiber Laser Nozzle


21st February 2024 | 3 Views

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In today’s modern industrial world, fibre laser cutting nozzles are quite common and hold a vital place in the laser cutting process. It is that piece of laser cutting parts that are extremely vital as it controls and oversees welding, moulding, cleaning, texturing drilling and much more. And whenever one begins the cutting process, one needs to decide on the laser nozzle first. In this article, you will come to know about the various types of laser nozzles, their benefits, their dimensions, and the material used in their making, so that you make a perfect choice while purchasing one.   


How Laser Nozzles Influence the Cutting Performance

  1. The inner shape of the laser head nozzle controls the direction of the airflow and the high air pressure between the workpiece and the Fiber Laser Raytool nozzle. 
  2. The laser head’s inner lens is protected to ward off the workpiece melt and its splash back into the laser head.
  3. The capacitor signal adjusts the height to make sure that the operation is stable.

Pros of Laser Nozzle

  1. One of the advantages of a laser nozzle is that it appropriately controls the speedy ejection of gas during the laser cutting process.
  2. Ensures proper machine functioning.
  3. The gas diffusion area that affects the quality of work is controlled by the fibre laser nozzle.
  4. The Fibre laser nozzle stops debris formation effectively to protect the accurate focusing of the lenses.

Uses Of Laser Cutting Nozzle

Apart from serving various other purposes in the cutting process, the nozzle ensures the correct and flawless machine performance as well as gas ejection flow.   

Selection Process for Nozzles for Power Laser Cutting

The selection process of the nozzle should be very rigorous because this is one part that plays a major role in emitting the laser beam and auxiliary gas. It also acts as a protector of the internal lens. So, while making the nozzle selection, the diameter of the fibre laser nozzle must be taken into account as it determines the shape, area and velocity of the airflow that enters the cutting area. The diameter, as you can see, affects the melt removal and the stability of the cutting at the same time. You, as a buyer, should select the size of the Precitec nozzles as per the laser power and the thickness of the metal sheet that you are going to cut. Theoretically, the thickness of the metal sheet to be cut will determine the diameter of the nozzle to be used. When you set the proportional valve setting pressure at a high level then the flow rate will also be high.      

Fiber Laser Nozzle Types

The fiber laser nozzle types are divided into two types, single and double layers. The single nozzle types are used for cutting and melting and the gas used here is nitrogen. It is used in cutting stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. The double-layer nozzle is used for cutting only and the gas used here is oxygen. It is used for cutting carbon steel.

Criteria for Choosing Single/Double Fiber Laser Nozzle

As you can already see the fibre laser nozzle is very vital for any fibre laser cutting machine, so the criteria for choosing the nozzle type must be very stringent. If you want to have the perfect cutting and service life of your laser cutting equipment, then choose the calibre of the nozzle with great care. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while choosing the appropriate nozzle for your laser-cutting machine.   

  • When the Sheet Thickness is Below 3 mm

In this case, the nozzle aperture should be 1 mm in diameter. If you use a 1.5 mm diameter aperture in this case, it will be thicker, and this extra thickness with be the cause behind stain creation in the corner.

  • When the Sheet Thickness is Above 3 mm

When the sheet metal thickness is above 3 mm, then the nozzle aperture of 1.5 mm diameter is just perfect. This is because the cutting force is much more rapid, the heat produced is quite large and the dissipation time is much longer. The relative cutting time is also high and so is the gas diffusion. If you take a nozzle of the 1 mm aperture, then it will be too small, and thus unstable for cutting a meta sheet above 3 mm thickness. The reason behind choosing the fibre laser nozzle with a 1.5 mm aperture is that it will provide much more area for gas diffusion and a much slower gas velocity, and all this will give you a stable cutting.

  • When the Sheet Thickness is Above 10 mm

In this case, nozzles having a diameter of 2 mm or above 2 mm are usually taken into consideration. But, one thing that should be kept in mind here is that when the nozzle aperture is bigger, then the protective effect on the focusing mirror also lessens. Therefore, you can very well see that you should consult an expert before choosing the laser cutting Precitec nozzle aperture size of your laser cutting machine to carry out the cutting process effectively.

Choosing the Nozzle as Per the Laser Power

  • When the Laser Power is less than Equal to 600 Watts

    • While cutting carbon steel, the nozzle specification is a double one within the S1.0 – 5.0E range. And when you are cutting stainless steel then you can choose the common specification of WPCT single.
  • When the Laser Power is Greater Than Equal to 600 Watts   

  • For cutting 10 – 25 mm carbon steel, the nozzle diameter should be double, high-speed E-type S1.2 – 1.8E. 


Moreover, you must take proper care of the fibre laser nozzle to carry out the cutting process perfectly. You should be extra careful in setting the nozzle on the machine to avoid any kind of deformation. Secondly, you should also take utmost care to keep the nozzle clean of the melt stain and clean it every time there is a stain. You should also have to check the nozzles regularly for any kind of problem or erosion. You must always keep in mind that a malfunctioning nozzle will result in poor laser cutting quality. 

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