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Anti Heavenly Divine Technique Chapter 8 Strong rise

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Faced with Wu Yun’s unstoppable shot, the fierce hunter showed surprise on his face, which was a kind of joy to see a fat sheep chasing him for a long time come to his door.
He met him directly with his throat, and he had absolute confidence in his copper walls and iron bones.
Unless he is a Six Heavenly cultivator, no one can break through his copper walls and iron bones, which is also one of his invincible moves on the Five Heavenly Martial Arts Platform.
Wu Yun let out a deep roar and stabbed his spear.
He could feel that the tip of the gun had already touched the opponent’s throat. Like last time, the opponent’s skin and flesh were too hard for ordinary weapons to penetrate.
“Let’s suffer to death.”
The berserk hunter pressed his throat against Wu Yun’s gun tip, with a fierce sneer on his face, and the iron chain in his hand was ready to fire.
“Ah! Wear it for me.”
Wu Yun let out a long roar, and the golden ball inside his body suddenly exerted force. In this moment, Wu Yun seemed to have infinite power.
The tip of the spear, which was originally like being pierced on an iron plate, suddenly softened in front, and the long spear quickly thrust forward.
When he looked again, Wu Yun had already let go, and his spear had completely penetrated the throat of the berserk hunter.
Quiet, a martial arts arena in Nuoda is surprisingly quiet.
The last time it was so quiet was ten days ago when Xiao Xueyan suddenly appeared in the martial arts arena.
After a brief moment, the crowd finally erupted, and everyone exclaimed in disbelief.
On the martial arts stage, Wu Yun covered the bleeding wound next to him and looked at the dying berserk hunter in front of him.
At this moment, his ferocious face had lost its color, gradually turning pale and powerless from brutal darkness.
He seemed to want to speak, but his throat had been pierced and he couldn’t speak at all.
I only heard a gurgling sound coming from his throat, and blood flowed out of his mouth.
The robust body of the berserk hunter collapsed on the martial arts platform.
His eyes were filled with unwillingness and regret, but everything was too late.
Thunderous applause erupted from the audience.
From today on, everyone in the life and death martial arts arena will remember this masked man, Hei Yan, who refuses to show his true face.
In the distance, Liu Lin smiled indifferently. As the vice president of the Death Martial Arts Arena, he had long been accustomed to seeing life and death, and did not find it too strange.
But his gaze towards Wu Yun was somewhat strange.
Wu Yun didn’t know, but in fact, his identity had already been known by several high-level officials in the Life and Death Martial Arts Arena.
Liu Lin slowly walked up to the martial arts arena and stood next to Wu Yun, loudly saying, “In this higher-level challenge, Black Flame won.”
Then he lowered his head and glanced at the fierce hunter on the ground, saying, “Someone, take the loser away.”
At this point, Wu Yun’s first appearance at the Life and Death Martial Arts Arena came to a brief and sensational end. Returning to the backstage of the arena, Liu Lin personally handed over the jade pendant and a creation pill he had mortgaged to him.
“Very good, Heiyan, this is your item.”
Wu Yun nodded slightly and said, “Thank you very much.”
“Wait a moment.”
Wu Yun was about to leave when he was stopped by Liu Lin.
“What’s going on?”
“To be honest, I really appreciate your courage and strength. I want to make friends with you. If you still want to come to the martial arts arena in the future, you can come to me directly.”
The sudden arrival of the olive branch in Liulin stunned Wu Yun.
“This can be considered a meeting gift.”
Liulin took out another creation pill from the storage ring and handed it to Wu Yun.
“You don’t need to be polite, just accept it.”
Liulin smiled and said.
“Thank you very much.”
Wu Yun thought for a moment and took over the Creation Pill. The most scarce one he had now was the Creation Pill. Since the other party had voluntarily gifted it, there was no need to be polite.
“Walk slowly.”
Liulin arched his hand to bid him farewell, and Wu Yun felt a bit strange. It was reasonable to say that even if his father, the head of the Wu family, came to the vice president of the grand life and death martial arts arena, he might not be so polite. But why did he treat him so
Shaking his head, since he couldn’t figure it out, he stopped thinking and turned around to leave the room.
“I hope we can see each other soon.”
The sound of the willow forest came from behind.
After Wu Yun left, Liu Lin pushed the door into the room of President Li Lian.
Li Liandao said, “Have you left?”
Liulin said, “I just left, but he will be back soon.”
“Oh? What do you say?”
Liu Lin smiled and said, “Haha, in this Star Feather City, the Xiao and Wu families were already at odds. Now that the Xiao family has become affiliated with the Feiyun Sect, if this young man from the Wu family doesn’t do something, his Wu family will probably face great difficulties. Therefore, I predict that he will definitely come again for the Creation Pill.”
Li Lian frowned and said, “But didn’t the Wu family end up like this just to save the Xiao family girl? Did the Xiao family really fall into trouble?”
Liulin smiled and didn’t speak again, but they were all smart people who understood it silently.
Wu Yun bypassed the guards of the Wu family and returned to his room. He took off his mask and went to the pharmacy to get some healing medicine. After briefly treating the wound that had been torn by a berserk hunter, he was ready to start practicing.
Sitting cross legged on the bed, recalling what Vice President Liu Lin had said to him when he left.
I said to myself, “Goodbye? We will naturally see each other soon. Not only do I need the Creation Pill, but I also want to charge my victory and rate to Xiao Xueyan in ten days, and never let her get the Fire Cloud Spirit Grass.”
Swallowing a pill of creation and transformation quickly melts its efficacy in the body.
The Supreme Martial God Technique is rapidly operating, crazily transforming the medicinal power of the Creation Pill into spiritual energy for cultivation.
Two hours later, this creation pill was completely absorbed.
Under the dual operation of the Creation Pill and the Supreme Martial God Technique, the wound on Wu Yun’s side also began to heal.
After two hours, the pain basically disappeared, leaving only a scar.
But Wu Yun’s cultivation did not break through due to this creation pill, and his realm improved. The further he went, the more spiritual energy he needed.
After refining this creation pill, Wu Yun felt that the spiritual energy in the golden round bead had increased significantly, but there was still some way to go before breaking through.
After swallowing the second creation pill, Wu Yun spent another two hours completely absorbing the medicinal power.
This time, he finally felt the surging impact.
After a brief expansion, the cultivation finally broke through and reached the Five Heavens.
Wu Yun unleashed a breath of spiritual energy and felt his inner cultivation. He muttered to himself, “This creation pill is truly wonderful and infinite.”
Then he sat cross legged on the bed, beginning to solidify his cultivation.
The next morning, Wu Yun stood up tall, put on a mask, and went to the life and death martial arts arena.
The martial arts arena is still bustling with people, making it the busiest place in the entire Star Feather City.
Wu Yun strode in and heard someone watching the battle whispering.
“Alas, this life and death martial arts arena lacks the participation of our Star Feather City’s first day pride Xiao Xueyan, and lacks too many highlights.”
“This statement is not accurate. Perhaps you don’t know that the new rising star called ‘Black Flame’ from yesterday was as exciting as Xiao Xueyan’s martial arts stage.”
“That’s right, I also watched yesterday’s game where I challenged the human flesh cutting machine berserk hunter, who claimed to be invincible compared to the Five Heavens, with the cultivation level of the Four Heavens. In the end, I killed him back, which was truly exciting. However, he also suffered some minor injuries yesterday, so he shouldn’t come today.”
Wu Yun smiled and walked forward, saying with a smile, “Who said if you get injured, you can’t participate in the competition?”
“What kind of person are you? I don’t know you, go away.”
“Black inflammation!”
Those few people originally looked repulsive and angrily scolded Wu Yun, but when they heard Wu Yun report his name, they were stunned and dared not speak out.

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