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Anti Heavenly Divine Technique Chapter 7 Berserker Hunter

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Milyin » 563241 » Anti Heavenly Divine Technique Chapter 7 Berserker Hunter

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Half an hour passed quickly, and a loud voice rang out in the martial arts arena.
“The Wuchong Heavenly Martial Fighting Platform, the Four Heavenly cultivator Hei Yan, challenges the Five Heavenly cultivator beyond his level.”
Wu Yun smiled slightly and finally it was his turn.
Meanwhile, everyone’s gaze converged on the Five Heavenly Martial Arts Platform.
“I didn’t hear it wrong, did I? The Four Heavens Challenge the Five Heavens?”
“Finally, there’s a good show to watch. I haven’t seen a contestant in a level up challenge for almost ten years.”
“What’s the origin of this black inflammation? It seems like I’ve never heard of this name before.”
“Let’s go for a walk, let’s go to the Wuchong Heavenly Martial Fighting Platform to watch. This is probably the most attractive competition besides Miss Xiao Xueyan’s martial arts competition. Hurry up and leave. We won’t have any seats left later.”
Wu Yun, wearing a mask, stood at the back of the crowd, listening to the chaotic voices of discussion. He whispered to himself, “Today, I will broaden your horizons.”
Not long after, an old man flew down from the Wuchong Heavenly Fighting Platform. When he saw the appearance of the referee, all the spectators were amazed.
“What, it turns out that Liu Lin, the vice president of the martial arts arena, is personally serving as the referee. What exactly is the origin of this Black Flame?”
“If my memory is good, Vice President Liulin hasn’t appeared for at least half a year, and today was really a great show.”
After a moment, the Vice President of Liulin spoke loudly, “Please come on stage.”
I could only hear a roar from the audience. A cultivator with dark skin, as strong as a bull, with a fierce expression and scars all over his body jumped up and landed directly next to the willow forest.
His weapon is a thick iron chain that wraps around his body a few times before overflowing from his hands.
His appearance once again caused everyone in the audience to take turns exploding.
“What, what? It’s actually a berserk hunter.”
“Surprisingly, he is a berserk hunter known as the” human flesh cutting machine “. He is the invincible myth on the Wuchong Heavenly Fighting Platform, and there is absolutely no one under his command who can leave alive.”
“This time, Black Flame, who jumped over the level of challenge, is likely to suffer. The martial arts arena unexpectedly brought out a fierce and invincible berserk hunter, who is invincible to the Five Heavens.”
Meanwhile, on the other side, a slightly thin figure slowly landed on the other side of the willow forest.
It is Wu Yun who transforms into Black Flame.
Judging solely by their physique, it is feared that none of the three Wu Yuns can match a berserk hunter.
Although it’s hard to see the appearance clearly, everyone is guessing.
With Hei Yan’s thin and weak physique, he may not be able to walk back and forth in the hands of a fierce hunter.
Some even speculated about the scene of Black Flame being brutally ravaged and beaten into meat patties by berserk hunters.
Wu Yun glanced at the fierce hunter and found that he was also being looked at with a group of extremely contemptuous eyes.
He could feel a powerful killing aura erupting from the body of the berserk hunter, an invisible killing aura that could only be honed through countless life and death struggles.
“Very strong.”
This is Wu Yun’s feeling.
“Be careful.”
Liulin suddenly turned his head and whispered a reminder to Wu Yun. Wu Yun saw a fleeting and unusual light in his eyes.
“The martial arts have begun!”
Then I saw Liulin grow up and fly away from the martial arts platform in an instant.
On the Wuchong Heavenly Martial Fighting Platform, only Wu Yun, who had transformed into Black Flame, and the Furious Hunter remained.
“Hehe, kid, you’re so arrogant that you dare to challenge yourself. Today, Grandpa will let you know what regret is.”
I saw the fierce hunter with a fierce face, waving the iron chain in his hand, and his momentum surged all over.
Wu Yun frowned. He could tell that the other party was probably very skilled in hard work, so he could never force a confrontation and could only cleverly take it.
But Wu Yun was not flustered, and his strength lies in his skillful ability.
Regarding the understanding of martial arts, in the entire Star Feather City, he said it was second, and perhaps no one dared to call it first. Even Xiao Xueyan, who was known as the top emperor of Star Feather City, dared not step into Haikou.
At the same time, everyone in the audience cast their attention.
Even some other audience members from the martial arts stage were attracted.
“Take Grandpa’s whip.”
The furious hunter roared, and the chains in his hands swept away towards Wu Yun like a storm.
Wu Yun took out his prepared spear and blocked it horizontally on his chest.
With a crisp impact, Wu Yun felt his arms tingling, and the power of this fierce hunter was indeed formidable.
Dare not force yourself again, just dodge and retreat.
And the fierce hunter saw that he had already gained the upper hand with one move, which was even easier than he had imagined. He immediately raised his eyebrows, let out a strange cry, and waved his iron chain to chase after him.
Wu Yun stepped back with great strides, and the fierce hunter swung several moves in a row, but none of them injured Wu Yun.
As time passed, Wu Yun became more and more relaxed, as if he had already seen the tactics of the berserk hunter.
Although fierce, they are all brute force and their martial arts are stiff.
But the expression of the berserk hunter became increasingly fierce, which seemed a humiliation to him, as his moves became more and more urgent.
Within the Five Heavens, he, who claimed to be a human flesh cutting machine, surprisingly suffered consecutive defeats in the face of this Four Heavens kid.
And everyone in the audience also began to exclaim in surprise.
“He actually managed to dodge over a dozen moves, but it’s not easy.”
Everyone is looking forward to the development of the next battle situation.
Finally, the berserk hunter’s moves became more and more urgent. Wu Yun dodged and found a loophole in the gap between his moves. His long spear pierced straight, with the tip of the spear aimed at the berserk hunter’s throat.
The berserk hunter didn’t have time to dodge, so he came straight up with his throat.
Everyone in the audience held their breath and was stunned.
“What, what, the berserk hunter is actually going to be counterkilled?”
With just a clang, Wu Yun felt his arm tingle again.
“Strange, even though I stabbed him in the throat, why was it like stabbing him on an iron plate? It’s not right…”
Suddenly, Wu Yun’s face changed.
The berserk hunter laughed and said, “Hmph, with your strength, you can’t break through my copper walls and iron bones yet, unless your strength is much higher than mine.”
At the same time, the iron chain in his hand was swung out. This time, Wu Yun didn’t have time to dodge and was hit on the left side of his body.
A burning pain struck, and the body’s qi and blood surged.
Wu Yun hurriedly dodged, and the part that was hit was actually torn open, with blood flowing out.
Everyone in the audience watched the fierce struggle and marveled at the ferocity of the fierce hunter.
But at the same time, he was also surprised by the strength of Wu Yun, who had transformed into Black Flame, the Four Heavenly cultivator.
Everyone can see that if it weren’t for the berserk hunter, if it weren’t for the average Five Heavenly cultivator, they would have already died under Wu Yun’s spear.
Wu Yunqiang endured the pain and quickly dodged the deadly iron chain.
Finally, he once again found the flaw.
But he wasn’t in a hurry to take action. He was hesitating whether or not to take action, weighing the pros and cons.
If we continue to procrastinate, we will definitely not be able to compete with the Fury Hunter in terms of consumption. However, if we still fail to damage the opponent with this move, we are afraid that the outcome will be even worse than just now, and it is even possible to die directly under the iron chain.
All these thoughts occurred in the midst of lightning, and suddenly, the golden ball at Wu Yun’s Dantian’s place shook violently.
The loophole is fleeting, and Wu Yun doesn’t know if he can still withstand the opponent’s next move’s loophole.
Wu Yun seemed to be inspired by the golden ball.
I have decided to take action now.
“You Long comes out of the water.”
With a deep roar, the long spear in hand was like a swimming dragon in the water, and the surrounding spiritual energy of heaven and earth, dancing in the gun wind, fiercely attacked Wu Yun.
A powerful momentum accompanied Wu Yun’s spear tip once again piercing towards the throat of the berserk hunter.
Everyone in the audience exclaimed once again.
“He’s going to take action again. He’s really not afraid of death. He can’t break through the copper walls and iron bones of the berserk hunter. This time, he’s probably the one who died.”
In the distance, Vice President Liu Lin looked at Wu Yun under his mask with deep meaning and muttered to himself, “Wu family, you really have some tricks. How could you find a loophole twice under the fierce attack of someone with a cultivation higher than him? It’s not simple, it’s not simple.”

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