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Anti Heavenly Divine Technique Chapter 6 Fire Cloud Spirit Herb

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As he passed by the corridor inside the martial arts arena, Wu Yun saw a crystal plaque displaying the latest round of martial arts arena achievements.
The record of the martial arts arena is changed every month, and it has been ten days since this new round of refresh.
One of the names is particularly eye-catching.
Xiao Xueyan, the winner of the Ten Heavens Battlefield is 49%, with a 100% win rate, ranking first temporarily.
Compared to the second place behind her, it’s like a godsend.
The second place team won less than ten games, with a winning rate of 60%.
Wu Yun frowned and said in confusion, “Hmm? Xiao Xueyan, isn’t she the first arrogant person in Xingyu City? Why do you still come to compete in this life and death martial arts arena?”
The guard turned around and smiled knowingly, saying, “Although her strength is amazing, there is no age limit in our martial arts arena. As long as her cultivation does not exceed ten days, she can participate in the competition. Under the heavy reward, there must be a brave man, hehe.”
“A heavy reward?” Wu Yun asked in confusion, “Is there anything else that won’t be awarded?”
“Of course there is.” The guard smiled and said, “Moreover, the prize this time is particularly tempting, otherwise it wouldn’t have made Miss Xiao, who has already been famous throughout the city, tempted.”
“What is it?”
“Fire Cloud Spirit Grass.”
“Huoyun Lingcao?” Wu Yun exclaimed in surprise.
I couldn’t help but think to myself that the preciousness of this Fire Cloud Spirit Grass far exceeds that of the Creation Pill, and even has reached the level of a spiritual medicine treasure. It is especially useful for cultivators who want to break through from the Ten Heavens to the Sea Transformation Realm. Could it be that Xiao Xueyan has already reached the peak of the Ten Heavens?
Thinking of this, Wu Yun’s face changed. The difference between Hua Haijing and Shichongtian was definitely not on the same level.
If it is as Wu Yun guessed, once Xiao Xueyan breaks through to the Huahai realm, Wu Yun will face a very terrifying opponent in two months.
“What’s wrong? You also have an idea?” The guard saw Wu Yun standing still, smiled, and then said, “Don’t think about it. Those who can obtain the Fire Cloud Spirit Grass must have a double crushing victory rate in this month’s competition. Since Miss Xiao chose to participate, she must have a winning hand. I have been working in this martial arts arena for more than ten years, and it’s the first time I’ve seen someone like Miss Xiao achieve a 100% win rate in over forty matches.”
After the guard left, Wu Yun, with a calm face behind his mask, followed up.
At the age of seventeen, Xiao Xueyan reached the cultivation level of Huahai Realm. If she really achieved it, even the people of the imperial capital would probably be shocked.
Once people from the imperial capital intervene, if they cannot surpass Xiao Xueyan before this, the Wu family will probably have no way out.
So far, the primary task has been to prevent Xiao Xueyan from obtaining the Fire Cloud Spirit Grass.
However, ten days have passed since this round of calculations, and Xiao Xueyan has also won forty-nine games. If she comes to compete every day, no one is likely to catch up with her in this month.
Around several corridors, Wu Yun followed the guard to a room outside.
The guard stopped and said, “Go in, there will be someone inside to receive you.”
Wu Yun nodded slightly and walked into the room, where an old man sat.
“Title and cultivation.”
The old man glanced at Wu Yun and casually asked.
“Black inflammation, four days.”
Wu Yun has already come up with a nickname for himself.
“What item do you want?”
This time, the old man didn’t even look up and casually inquired. Obviously, he had to receive countless people like Wu Yun every day, and he was already numb.
Because they are afraid of forming enemies, most people choose to hide their identity.
“Zaohua Pill.”
“What, the Creation Pill?” This time, the old man finally lifted his head and looked at Wu Yun, saying, “Change it. At least you need the Five Heavenly Martial Arts Platform to exchange for the Creation Pill, and you may not be able to afford the cost. If you insist on using the Creation Pill, you should go back and increase your cultivation by one level before returning.”
“Five Heavens?” Wu Yun frowned. He didn’t expect that the Four Heavens Martial Fighting Platform could not exchange for the Creation Pill, but now he has no interest in any item except for the Creation Pill. He asked, “Is there any other way, any way is fine, as long as you can get the Creation Pill.”
The old man looked at Wu Yun with great interest for a while, stroked his snow-white beard, and said, “Unless you are willing to challenge yourself beyond the level and challenge the Five Heavenly Martial Arts Platform with the Four Heavenly Cultivation.”
After a pause, he said again, “Of course, you must weigh the pros and cons here. Once you enter the life and death martial arts arena, life and death are determined by heaven, and you cannot turn back halfway.”
“Escaping the level challenge?” Wu Yunsi measured it. He was already able to deal triple damage when he was in Erchongtian. Although he did not test his combat power after reaching quadruple, he still had confidence in himself.
Nodding, he said, “Sure, what kind of collateral do I need?”
“Haha, it’s interesting. It’s been a long time since I met such a brave young person like you. The market price is 500000 gold coins. If you lose 500000 gold coins, we’ll give it back to our martial arts arena. If you win, we’ll give you all the Creation Pill and gold coins.”
“I take this, it’s definitely worth 500000 gold coins.”
Wu Yun took a jade pendant from his neck. The tentacles of the jade pendant were cold, crystal clear, and not ordinary.
“Tianwai meteorite jade? Good thing, this thing is more than 500000 gold coins, you’re willing to give it up.”
Wu Yun said calmly, “I’m just using it as a temporary collateral. After I win, it will still be mine. This is a legacy left by my mother. If I don’t have 100% confidence, I naturally won’t mortgage it out.”
“Haha, that’s okay. The young man breathed a big sigh.” The old man accepted this piece of extraterrestrial meteorite and said, “In half an hour, I’ll arrange a martial arts arena for you.”
Leaving the room, Wu Yun came to observe the battlefield outside.
Here, the voices of people are bustling, and the cries of magpies are rising. Ten martial arts platforms stand in front of them with a sigh.
From left to right, there are one day to ten days in sequence.
Wu Yun glanced over, and as his gaze swept onto the Ten Heavenly Martial Arts Platform, he immediately froze.
On the Ten Heavenly Martial Arts Platform, a graceful figure was moving and dancing, with a beautiful posture, like a fairy.
Countless people on the field poured down and shouted for it.
But in Wu Yun’s eyes, he only felt nauseous.
She is the cold and evil woman, Xiao Xueyan.
Quickly, Xiao Xueyan injured his opponent and won the victory.
On the crystal plaque ahead, Xiao Xueyan’s victory was once again refreshed, reaching fifty games with no change in winning rate.
Wu Yun frowned. If this continued, the Fire Cloud Grass might be none other than Xiao Xueyan.
At this moment, Xiao Xueyan’s cold and sharp voice came from the Ten Heavenly Martial Arts Platform.
“From today on, I will be suspended for ten days. Don’t let me bully you, if any of you have the ability, you can come and surpass me in terms of win and win rate.”
After speaking, Xiao Xueyan leapt up, her white clothes fluttering like a fairy.
It caused everyone to exclaim and chase after it.
She is like a brilliant star in this martial arts arena, and nothing can conceal her radiance. Whether it is her talent or beauty, she can attract countless people to fall in love with her.
Everyone exclaimed that Xiao Xueyan was truly the number one pride in Xingyu City. At a young age, not only did she achieve great cultivation, but she also had such a broad mind.
Wu Yun’s face changed. Xiao Xueyan had a fairy like appearance, but her unknown inner self was as dark as this.
Deceiving him of his dantian, destroying his cultivation, deceiving his sincerity, yet still being able to act like a carefree person.
However, a cold smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Wu Yun’s mouth.
“So arrogant, suspended for ten days. Hehe, this Fire Cloud Spirit Grass belongs to me now.”
Originally, Wu Yun was still worried about not being able to compete with Xiao Xueyan for the Fire Cloud Spirit Grass, but now the opportunity has come.

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