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Anti Heavenly Divine Technique Chapter 3 Rupture

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Chapter 3 Rupture


Wu Yun could hardly hear the rest of the conversation, only feeling a buzzing sound in his mind, as if there were millions of flies dancing in his ears, which was nauseating.
After a brief moment of confusion, Wu Yunqiang put on a smiling face and muttered to himself, “Hehe, how could Xueyan be such a person? The mouths of these Xiao family servants are really cheap enough.”
Strode forward and scolded, “What are you talking about, spreading rumors and slandering your young lady? Let me tell your young lady and see how she will punish you.”
Suddenly, the servants turned around and looked at Wu Yun with a bewildering gaze.
It’s like watching a fool.
“What do you mean?” Wu Yun scolded, feeling a bit uneasy as he was being stared at
One of them was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Oh, it turns out to be the young master of the Wu family. May I ask why you came to our Xiao family?”
Wu Yundao said, “I’m here to find your young lady. I wonder if she has returned.”
The servant paused for a moment and said, “Yes, Miss has indeed returned.”
Wu Yun nodded and walked towards the Xiao family with a smile.
“Wait a minute.”
As soon as Wu Yun took two steps, he was immediately surrounded and stopped by two servants.
“What’s going on?”
Wu Yun was displeased and said that the Xiao and Wu families have always been good friends. Setting aside his engagement with Xiao Xueyan, the young master of the Wu family always wanted to enter the Xiao family without hesitation. Whenever someone stopped him, he would go straight ahead.
“Master Wu, why don’t you go back? Our young lady won’t see you.”
The tone of the servant has gradually become indifferent.
“What do you mean? Don’t you know my relationship with Xueyan? Get lost.”
Wu Yun was a bit angry.
“Master Wu, today the head of the family has issued a ban on interacting with the Wu family, especially you, Master Wu, Wu Yun. If you insist on breaking in, don’t blame us for being impolite.”
The voice of the servants began to be firm.
“Bastard, get out of here. I want to see your master.”
Wu Yun shouted angrily, his heart churning with anger.
“Someone wants to break into the Xiao family.”
As soon as the servant saw it, he immediately shouted loudly towards the Xiao family’s courtyard, and more than ten guards with swords came out to surround Wu Yun.
Then the next person said, “Wu Yun, give you face and call you a young master. If you don’t give you face, you will be a useless person who can’t even lift a knife. Do you still want to see our young lady, our head of the house? You don’t even take a shower to look like yourself.”
“You seek death.”
“Stop, wait, young master.”
Wu Yun let out a roar and was about to take action when suddenly a loud shout came from behind.
Surprisingly, it was a servant of the Wu family who came.
The servant of the Wu family ran up to Wu Yun and whispered, “Young Master Wu, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Come with me now, the master is looking for you.”
Wu Yun frowned and said, “Father is looking for me? What’s up?”
“Just now, the head of the Xiao family and Miss Xiao went to my Wu family with a fierce and malicious attitude. Young master, hurry back.”
Wu Yun was startled in his heart. It was not a good thing to wake up early and come to his door. He couldn’t help but feel a jolt in his heart as he recalled what had just been discussed among the servants of the Xiao family.
After looking at the guards surrounding him, he scolded, “Get out of here, and we’ll settle accounts with you another day.”
After speaking, Zigu and the servant of the Wu family walked towards the Wu family.
The group of servants from the Xiao family had a mocking expression on their faces and said, “Hmph, this useless person dares to speak out and say we want to die? Fortunately, it’s him from the Wu family. Otherwise, even if we beat him up, there would still be the family owner to carry him.”
Returning to the Wu family, the reception hall.
The high-ranking officials of the Wu family are all present, with the head of the family, Wu Tian, sitting at the top.
Many people have also come to the Xiao family, led by their head Xiao Long and his daughter Xiao Xueyan.
Wu Yun originally wanted to go up and say hello, but as soon as he walked into the reception hall, he immediately felt that the atmosphere was a bit off and there was a feeling of tension and tension.
Wu Yun pretended to be calm and said in a loud voice, “Uncle Xiao, Xueyan, don’t let me know why you’re here.”
But Xiao Long and Xiao Xueyan were both cold eyed.
Seeing no one paying attention to him, he turned to Wu Tiandao and said, “Father, what’s wrong with this?”
Wu Tian looked serious and said, “Yun’er, come here to be my father.”
When Wu Yun walked up to Wu Tian, the awkward atmosphere was finally broken.
Xiao Long spoke up first and said, “Wu Tian, your son has also returned now. It’s time to make a decision. My daughter Xueyan’s engagement with your son Wu Yun will be immediately terminated without delay.”
Wu Yun’s heart sank suddenly, and his feet felt a bit ethereal, almost falling.
This is such a huge blow for him.
For her, I am willing to become useless and wait for years, but what I have achieved is this result?
Wu Tian noticed his son’s abnormality and exerted a soft spiritual energy to support Wu Yun’s body.
Then he roared angrily, “Xiao Long, human hearts are all flesh. Have your Xiao family’s hearts been eaten by dogs? Unforgettable. If it weren’t for my son Wu Yun, could we have your daughter today?”
Everyone in the Wu family was glaring angrily at each other.
Xiao Long’s face flashed with a hint of coldness before calming down and saying, “Wu Tian, what if I tell you that all of this is something I have already planned?”
Wu Tian suddenly became furious and slapped the table.
With a bang, the tea table in front of me was smashed into powder.
“Hmph, do you want to take action? I’ll be with you.”
Although he was in the Wu family, Xiao Long did not show any fear. Since he dared to come, it was obvious that he was already prepared.
“Xiao Long, could you explain to me clearly that all of this was a conspiracy you orchestrated three years ago, only to harm my nephew Wu Yun?”
The person speaking at this moment is Wu Tian’s cousin, Wu Zhan.
“Hmph, it’s okay to tell you now. Our Star Feather City is already my Xiao family, and the Wu family is the dominant one. But unfortunately, your Wu family has produced such a peerless genius. If I don’t find a way to depose him, how will my Xiao family ever rise in the future?”
Xiao Long had a sinister smile on his face as he succeeded in his conspiracy.
Wu Yun’s heart once again cooled, and his mind rumbled, which was a huge blow for him.
“Bastard, someone, take it down for me.”
Wu Tian was furious and ordered the capture of all the members of the Xiao family.
“You dare.”
Xiao Long showed no fear and let out a long whistle. Suddenly, hundreds of Xiao family guards rushed into the Wu family and stood in the courtyard outside the reception hall, waiting for orders.
Wu Tian’s face turned cold. He had already guessed that Xiao Long must have been prepared, but to his surprise, the Xiao family had deployed such a huge force, with hundreds of guards, which had risen to the point of war.
As long as Wu Tian gives another command, it is feared that the Xiao and Wu families will immediately engage in a large-scale battle.
“Master, the people of the Xiao family have a heart that can be punished. They can’t bear it anymore. Give the order, I am Wu Zhan, please!”
Under the leadership of Wu Zhan, all the members of the Wu family were furious, waiting for a command from Wu Tian.
Wu Tian was about to give an order, but he suddenly heard Wu Yun on the side speak up and say, “Stop it, father, all the elders of the family. This matter is caused by me, Wu Yun, and I should also handle it. I don’t want to cause casualties to many members of the clan due to my fault.”
Everyone turned around and looked at Wu Yun.
This young master from the Wu family, who had been immersed in his emotions for three years and had been almost ignored, was given away three years ago.
“Yun’er, you…”
Wu Tian was also somewhat surprised, as it did not fit the character of his son who had been silent for three years.
“Father, let me handle it.”
Wu Yun answered in a low voice, then turned his head to look at Xiao Xueyan. At this moment, there was still a hint of warmth in his eyes.
He even longed in his heart that all of this was Xiao Long’s idea, and Xiao Xueyan was unaware.
Ask, “Xueyan, you…”
He hadn’t finished speaking yet, but suddenly stopped speaking.
Because he saw the coldness and disgust on Xiao Xueyan’s face.
He suddenly believed and believed the rumors he had heard before.
“Wu Yun, it’s impossible for us. Don’t pester me anymore, it will only make me look down on you even more.”
Xiao Xueyan’s voice was completely cold, no longer carrying any emotions.
“Impossible? Hehe.” Wu Yun took two steps back dejectedly, his last hope completely extinguished in his heart.
After a brief moment of calm, Wu Yun roared, “Why, why did you treat me like this? Have you forgotten that when I sacrificed my cultivation and gave you the elixir field to renew my life, all I did for you was for your betrayal?”
“Do you still not understand? All of this was planned, and no one forced you to do it. Everything was done voluntarily by you. Even if you don’t save me, my father has a way to save me, and I will think of other ways to make you the same as today.”
Xiao Xueyan’s resolute and cold words, like a sharp blade, deeply penetrated into Wu Yun’s heart. “If you continue to win sympathy here, you will only make me look down on you even more. If you are not willing, use your strength to prove yourself. You are too naive, brainless, and being used and deceived is reasonable, and I can’t blame anyone.”
“Hehe, that’s right. I’ve always been a fool, and I’m the dumbest person in the world.”
Wu Yun smiled, but his smile was incredibly sad.
“Stupid, in your eyes, I’ve always been a fool.”
Wu Yun roared wildly, his voice filled with desolation.
Xiao Xueyan looked at him quietly, not even moving her eyes, unwilling to give even a hint of pity.
At this moment, Wu Yun’s heart was completely disheartened.
The betrayal of his beloved is causing him to undergo rapid transformation.
The Supreme Martial God Technique in his body was running wildly, and no one else felt it. However, Wu Tian, who was closest to him, sensed it. His face was shocked, but his eyes were full of joy.
He could feel waves of spiritual energy inside his son’s body.
Wu Tian called out in a low voice.
“Father, I’m fine.”
Wu Yun has gradually regained calmness, from grief to almost madness, and then back to calmness.
His mood has completely changed, he is no longer that simple teenager.
Xiao Long spoke up at the right time and said, “Wu Tian, at this point, your Wu family has only two choices: either to fight against our Xiao family, or to see Zhenzhang at the Star Feather City Battle in two months, and leave everything to the children to decide.”
Wu Tian took a deep breath, and Wu Yun frowned. They all seemed to have guessed Xiao Long’s next sentence.
Sure enough, Xiao Long said, “Of course, if we leave it to the children to decide, I naturally have a demand. The losing party must leave Xingyu City with their clan and never step into the city.”


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