Anti Heavenly Divine Technique Chapter 1 Young Wu Yun

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Chapter 1 Young Wu Yun

Cloud Moon Empire, Star Feather City, Wu Family Back Mountain, Viewing Pavilion.

A 16-year-old boy sat alone on a stone bench, gazing out into the distance. His back was somewhat bleak, but his eyes were full of anticipation.

“Tomorrow, Xueyan will return from Feiyun Sect. I don’t know if she has suffered in the past two years.”

The young man whispered to himself, but couldn’t conceal his joy in his heart.

The boy’s name is Wu Yun, and he is the only son of Wu Tian, the head of the Wu family. Due to his identity, he has been highly regarded by everyone since his birth.

And he also lived up to expectations, with extraordinary talent and a cultivation speed far exceeding that of ordinary people. At the age of fourteen, he reached the seventh level of martial arts, surpassing everyone and becoming the first young Tianjiao in Xingyu City.

Three years ago, Wu Yun was widely acclaimed in Xingyu City, with a celebrity aura.

In the same year, Xiao Long, the head of the Xiao family, who was also part of the Star Feather City family, personally came to the door and betrothed his daughter Xiao Xueyan to Wu Yun, and made a marriage agreement for the two of them.

Wu Yun and Xiao Xueyan are childhood sweethearts, so both parties themselves have no objections to this marriage.

After the relationship was clarified, the relationship between Wu Yun and Xiao Xueyan heated up sharply, almost to the point of being inseparable.

Half a year later, Xiao Xueyan suddenly fell seriously ill and her dantian was damaged. She urgently needed a new dantian to fill it, otherwise her life would be at risk.

But at that time, no one was willing to give their dantian to Xiao Xueyan.

Because Dantian is even more important than life for a cultivator.

Seeing this situation, Wu Yun decided without hesitation to sacrifice his elixir, just to save the life of his beloved first love Xiao Xueyan.

Of course, this decision was opposed by all members of the Wu family.

Everyone knows the importance of Dantian to cultivators, especially for a proud person like Wu Yun, who is of utmost importance.

Wu Yun’s dantian is quite unique, wider than most ordinary people’s dantian, which is also one of the reasons why his cultivation speed far exceeds that of ordinary people.

If there were no Dantian, Wu Yun would completely fall from the altar, from a proud son of heaven to a useless person.

Despite this, Wu Yun disregarded the opposition of his family and without hesitation asked the Xiao family to dig up his own elixir field and put it in Xiao Xueyan’s belly.

One month later, Xiao Xueyan’s body fully recovered.

Although Wu Yun barely managed to save his life, without his elixir, his cultivation plummeted rapidly. After a month, he became a useless person with no strength to bind himself.

Half a year later, with the assistance of Wu Yundantian, Xiao Xueyan’s cultivation improved by leaps and bounds. In just half a year, she was able to directly upgrade from the previous level of martial arts in the Six Heavens to the Seven Heavens realm.

Completely replacing Wu Yun, becoming the first young generation in Xingyu City.

One year later, Xiao Xueyan made another breakthrough and achieved the Eight Heavenly Cultivation of Martial Arts. Her fame was unparalleled in Xingyu City and even spread to some surrounding cities.

And the proud son of heaven, Wu Yun, was gradually forgotten by people.

Even some people have begun to mock Wu Yun for being too foolish, labeling him as a useless person.

That is to say, in the year when Xiao Xueyan reached the Eight Heavens of Martial Arts, the first major sect of the Cloud Moon Empire and the holy land of cultivation that all practitioners of the Cloud Moon Empire hoped for, Feiyun Sect sent an invitation, hoping that Xiao Xueyan could join Feiyun Sect.

At this point, Xiao Xueyan became a well-known figure in Xingyu City, and even the monarchs of the Yunyue Empire couldn’t help but nod and praise her name.

At that time, the Wu family was trembling with anger, and even Wu Yun couldn’t help feeling a little sour in his heart.

This should have been his glory, and all of this should have been his possession.

But he didn’t regret it, because if he hadn’t done it back then, Xiao Xueyan would have died. If he couldn’t save Xueyan, that would be something he would regret for life.

Wu Yun vividly remembers the words Xiao Xueyan said to Wu Yun before parting.

“Thank you, Brother Yun. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been today. You gave me everything, and I will be grateful to you for my entire life. When I return from Feiyun Sect, I will marry you.”

Thinking of this, Wu Yun’s thoughts gradually pulled back from his memories.

“It’s been a year, Xueyan. You’re finally coming back. You’ll fulfill your promise to marry me, right? I miss you so much.”

A happy smile appeared on Wu Yun’s face, and then he began to sit cross legged, using his family’s techniques to explore and absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Although he didn’t have Dantian, he never gave up. Although it ended in failure time and time again, this was by no means a reason to defeat him.

As usual, he pinched out his handprint, and the family’s martial element formula slowly operated. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth was gradually sucked into his body, passing through the meridians around his body. After 24 weeks of operation, he began to gather in the elixir field.

But his dantian had already been dug up, making it impossible to gather spiritual energy. As he watched the spiritual energy he had finally gathered dissipate bit by bit, Wu Yun couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed.

“It’s over, has it failed again?”

Wu Yun whispered to himself.

Slowly opening his eyes, he was about to get up and leave the stone bench.

Suddenly, the clear sky exploded.

With a loud bang, a clear sky bolt flashed through the air.

Wu Yun looked up in shock and saw that the previously clear and cloudless sky was now filled with black clouds.

Thunder flashed through the sky, and the sound of thunder shook the ground slightly.

In the next moment, Wu Yun saw a golden light flash through the void filled with black clouds. He only felt a heat in his forehead, as if he had been hit by something. His eyes turned black and he lost consciousness.

After Wu Yun fell into a coma, the sky regained calmness, black clouds dispersed, thunder subsided, and everything returned to calm.

After a moment, Wu Yun opened his eyes, but a completely unfamiliar world appeared in front of him.

Here is a dark and hazy place, as if shrouded in a layer of thick fog, boundless and boundless.

Looking from afar, Wu Yun noticed that there seemed to be a lake several hundred meters ahead.

Walking forward, Wu Yun was shocked to find that this was not a lake, but a sea of spiritual energy.

The vastness is boundless and bottomless, completely formed by the convergence of spiritual energy, like an endless ocean.

“Is this actually a sea of spiritual energy?”

Wu Yun exclaimed in surprise, “Such a vast sea of spiritual energy may not be absorbed by tens of millions of cultivators who have come here to practice for hundreds of thousands of years.”

What exactly is this place?

Am I dead?

Is this the underworld or heaven?

At this moment, at the end of the endless sea of spiritual energy, waves of golden light emanated. Soon, a series of Zen sounds, resembling the sound of Buddha, slowly came through.

Magnificent and distant, the sound echoed into Wu Yun’s ears.

Wu Yun seemed to have experienced a baptism of fate, and his mind suddenly began buzzing. These Buddhist sounds seemed to be trying to convey some information to him, but he couldn’t understand them for a moment.

Under the baptism of Buddhist music, Wu Yun unconsciously sat cross legged and began to listen attentively to the true meaning hidden in Buddhist music.

Close your eyes and concentrate, enjoying the baptism of Buddhist music.

Upon closer inspection, Wu Yun was surprised to find that his once empty Dantian now had a golden ball the size of an egg.

The round bead shone brightly, with mysterious radiance flowing around it.

Suddenly, Wu Yun only felt a heat in his abdomen, and the golden ball suddenly exerted force, surging out of it with majestic and vast spiritual energy, directly spreading towards Wu Yun’s meridians.

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