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I still hate him

Humour ‘n’ MeLast Seen: Feb 22, 2024 @ 5:42am 5FebUTC
Humour ‘n’ Me

19th February 2024 | 4 Views

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 Chapter 1


It’s the first day of college and I’m currently planning on skipping it.  Why? I’m nervous. And I’m never nervous. So that means today is not going to go well. But there’s a teeny tiny problem. My lovely mom is never gonna let me skip. And I can’t even think of a good enough excuse. What if I –
“ No Jordan. Don’t even think about it ” Whaaat. How’d she know? 
“ I didn’t even say anything” “ Good. 
Now go get dressed.” 

“Yo Jordan” I turn around and almost double over. “ Aiden? What the fuck happened to you?” “ It’s called a tan, man.  Shut the fuck up. ” It wasn’t just a tan. My best friend had a full on glow up. He’d gone to California for the summer and turned up looking like a 6 foot tall chick-stealing surfer dude. I just know he’s gonna have the time of his life in college.           “ Tan my ass. Let’s get to class before those girls get to you. ” “ What girls?” He asked looking around like the uncivilised idiot that he is. “ Yep. There’s the Aiden that I know. Come on man. ”

Of course our  classroom is on the 4th fourth fucking floor. 
“Dude what did you even do for two whole months in Calif- Fuck”

I slam into someone in front of me. Said someone decides to plant their foot on mine. Teeny tiny problem alert no. 2 I HAVE WHITE SHOES ON. 


Humour ‘n’ MeLast Seen: Feb 22, 2024 @ 5:42am 5FebUTC

Humour ‘n’ Me



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