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Inviting The Calm

17th February 2024 | 1 Views

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I tend to be someone who is always moving.

Both literally and in my work.

When I work, I either stand or sit in my Motion Stool which forces me to use my core.

I pace often and frequently.

I have exercise equipment all over the place to utilize as needed.

Whether it’s a pullup bar, a kettlebell, some balance device, or a grip trainer, something is usually somewhere near me.

I write every day and publish every day.

Then I have 4 main platforms I maintain.

Not to mention the Social and Spiritual groups I am a part of.

I even have 2 rings I wear that act like fidget devices.

With these, I’ve got a few certifications or programs that I usually work through at any given time.

For me, slowing down is not natural, it’s a strange feeling.

My body never seems to have a desire to stop or slow down.

Even when I have been injured, my mind was always going, “What else can we do???”

But every once in a while, things seem to halt.

I’m not really sure why, I haven’t figured out a pattern to it.

Today is one of those days.

There are a lot of things I could write about, many of which I have on sticky notes to get to sometime soon.

But no, that’s not what we will do today.

The Calm comes over me.

I have accomplished a lot, and I have plenty more to work toward.

However, I am at ease.

I have done everything I can to this point and I am happy about that.

I don’t “need” anything more, where I am is more than enough.

My mind, though fluent and capable, does not have a “need” to write more, or write faster, or on any particular topic.

My mind feels free.

It is still a strange feeling though.

Where did the push go?

Where did the constant rush go?

They aren’t “gone”, I know that.

Yet, they feel content with the present.

Is my life perfect?

Surely not by the standard that most people would consider.

Yet, I feel perfectly at Ease where I am.

Is perfection a goal, or is perfection a state of mind?

I think to my post yesterday – perfect, this and every other moment give me a chance to throw more in the Bonfire that lights my Life.

I wonder if this Calm is truly a “Calm”, or if it is just a different way all my normalities show themselves today?

Perhaps it is a slightly more Philosophical bend

Or perhaps it is the ramblings of a Madman who hasn’t realized it.

I will leave that up to You to decide.

The world we live in is so fascinating.

Billions of lives, Trillions if count more than just those that are human.

All moving, all connected, yet so much disconnection.

Both disconnected internally and externally.

Yet not me, at least, not at this moment.

The Calm brings with it Unity, Connection, and Fullness.

Is this it?

Or does the Calm go further yet?

I can’t say I’m sure either way, but it would be very interesting to discover.

We often get trapped in the Future or the Past.

Yet unable to grasp what is Now.

But not during the Calm.

The Future and Past haven’t disappeared – THAT is a scary experience.

No, they still exist within this Calm, but they are in their proper place.

Not too prevalent, but prevalent enough to Inform the Now.

The Calm does not come to me often, not like this.

When it does, I accept it, I use it, I enjoy it.

William Solano



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