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Free Speech?

William SolanoLast Seen: Mar 15, 2024 @ 5:38pm 17MarUTC
William Solano

17th February 2024 | 1 Views

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I try and keep my mouth shut a lot of them time when conversations arise about social or political issues. It’s hard, but I really do try. Lord knows I have spent countless days in Facebook prison for speaking my mind, or even making jokes. My account has been restricted for “misinformation” and “bullying“. I even once spent a week in Facebook lockdown for sharing an article about a potential sequel to the movie, Home Alone. Not even sure how that one happened.

When I break down the reasons I have been locked up, it’s really quite stupid. I spent 30 days in Facebook jail for saying I wanted to punch my car for breaking down. My… car. Let that sink in. Is that “violence“? Harrassment“? “Bullying“? Maybe, according to the computers that now decide everything in the land of Facebook. My sister even did her own 30 day lock down for saying she would karate chop me. As a joke. Facebook really acts like it doesn’t like violence. This should be a good thing, right?

The question I have lies here-

The amount of people I have reported for actual violence or rule breaking never seems to matter to the Facebook gods. I always get a notification saying whatever I reported “Does not go against community standards“. For context, things I have reported have been videos of people killing animals, people threatening to light police officers on fire, people telling me they would come to my house and murder my family over a difference in opinion- things like that. It’s gotten ugly for sure. How is it that me threatening to punch my car is “violence“, but people threatening death to my children isn’t? Nothing makes sense anymore and bullying runs rampant over the stupidest of things.

As a woman online, I have been told by men that they want to rape me or do other vile and disgusting things, mostly sexual- simply because I comment on some article or something. I have been told to kill myself for not agreeing with someone else’s opinion. I have been shamed to no end in mom groups. I grew up in a time where it was normal in movies to bully people, and it was even considered cool. I even was bullied in school to a certain degree. But never in my life have I been bullied the way I am today on the internet. Every time I say anything online, the foul comments roll in. I usually just block wheoever and try not to engage, but it’s harder when they bring my kids into whatever situation. I have even had people steal pictures from my profile and post them to talk down on my kids (who at the time were all under the age of 5). I have since made all of my kids photos private- but that’s really not the point. How is any of this ok?

How is it Facebook can seek and destroy political opinions that go against their own beliefs but can’t stop people from actually threatening people? How is it they can delete and alter posts- but child pornography can’t be removed?

It’s just free speech“, they say. The internet is a mess. I am so grateful for the few people I have met and adored (often times more so than people in my real life) but the rest of the people online are completely unhinged. Half of the stuff they say, they wouldn’t dare say without the protection of a phone or computer screen between themselves and their target. I have never been so over anything in my entire life.

When did politics become such a taboo topic? What happened to the days where people could agree to disagree and not hate each other or “cancel” someone for their opinion? What is going on in the world? Why is everyone being forced to “choose a side” and why is only one side the right side? Who decided we all have to think one way and why do we allow it to continue? How does the whole world not see that it’s just a stage? It’s all fake and none of it matters… No one is coming to save you because you did what they told you to. Politicians don’t care about you or me. They care about money and status. Same with celebrities. They don’t care about any of us. They never go to jail for breaking laws or having their names on certain lists or doing drugs on a live stream. Laws don’t apply to any of them. Only us. So why are we hating eachother over the opinions of these assholes? Why are we bullying each other for our opinions on the potentially less evil political candidate? They all suck and usually don’t deliver on whatever promises they make.

Remember in school when people would run for class president and promise ridiculous things like putting Gatorade into all the school water fountains? That’s todays politicians. Making radical promises and never really delivering. They just fill a seat. They don’t actually make the rules. It’s all a show. Yet, we all end up hating each other because of them… in fact, I sometimes feel I might possibly be one of the most hated people in the world because I don’t cater to any political side or candidate- so both sides hate me. It’s really such a strange time to be alive.

But yeah- social media is so amazing– we get to stay in touch with our families, and share photos of our lives, and see our friends from all over the world, right? That’s what it’s made for… right? Now tell me- is that what your newsfeed is full of? Because mine sure the hell isn’t. Mine is filled with nonsense pandering to political candidates, Taylor Swift, and ads to buy a bunch of crap I thought about but never said out loud. I would compare Facebook to the junk ads that used to come through the mail when I was a kid. Garbage. It’s only getting worse. Frankly, I only stay for the memes.

Anyways, I’m done now. Rant over.

William SolanoLast Seen: Mar 15, 2024 @ 5:38pm 17MarUTC

William Solano



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