How Do You Check Birthdays On Snapchat

How Do You Check Birthdays On Snapchat?

16th February 2024 | 9 Views

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Snapchat is a prominent social media portal that connects and updates about all activity of your friends including upcoming birthdays. In the fast-paced world, social media is helping to remember birthdays. Most users trust their snapchat account or any other social media account to remember and wish birthdays to friends. If you are not familiar with how to see friends birthdays on snapchat, you can discover the process here.

How to See People’s Birthdays on snap?

Formerly, snapchat has a feature of Birthday Mini for how to see people’s birthdays on snap. This feature displays all the upcoming birthdays of your friends in sequential order. But this feature has been removed from the portal and now snapchat users have a few options to view upcoming birthdays. You will find step-by-step instructions to view upcoming birthdays on snapchat.

  • Open your Snapchat account.

  • In your chat section, click on your friend’s bitmoji. This will open their snap profile.

  • You will view a cake emoji beside your friend’s name indicating their birthday. (if your friend hasn’t enabled the “Birthday Party” option, you cannot view their birthdays)

  • Now, you can click on the “Birthdays” option to view all the recent, upcoming, and previous birthdays of your friends.

How to Enable the Birthday Party Option on Snapchat?

  • On your snapchat profile, click on the “Settings” option at the top-right side of the screen.

  • Visit ‘My Account’ and click on “ Birthdays”.

  • Enter your birth date and year. Click “Okay” to save the settings.

The above-mentioned steps will help how to see upcoming birthdays on Snapchat.


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