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Western Fueled Genocide in Congo

15th February 2024 | 2 Views

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Congo is silently going through a silent genocide. Millions of people are being killed so that the western world can benefit from its natural resources.

More than 60% of the world’s cobalt reserves are found in Congo, used in the production of smartphones.

Western countries are providing financial military aid to invade regions filled with reserves and in the process millions are getting killed and millions homeless.

Multinationals mining companies are enslaving people especially children to mine. 

Interesting that the push for electric vehicles (far eclipses the need generated by smart phones) is seen by the left as a good thing and yet it will crush places like Africa.

Electric vehicles shift pollution from their power generation (overwhelmingly from fossil fuels) away from the rich liberals’ sight & the production of the batteries away from the rich liberals’ neighborhood (over to Africa which they will never visit but they talk about supporting all the time). They also get the government to spend tax dollars (from taxing factory workers and farmers) to make the expensive electric vehicles cheaper for the rich people.

In my opinion if Africa were to unite similar to the EU they could use their collective resources to propel them onto the world stage and enact huge reforms plus inject needed wealth into the continent.
However, the way Europeans divided up Africa long ago makes this very difficult. I have no doubt the Europeans knew this at the time. This is why I believe many dictators on the African continent are backed by the Europeans to keep the current status quo. 
This needs to change.

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