Three Identical strangers


13th February 2024 | 4 Views

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Identical triplet brothers, who were separated and adopted at birth, only learned of each other’s existence when two of the brothers met at a dorm party while attending the same college.

The documentary on them also revealed that the scientists and subsequently the adoption agency had done this to many other children throughout the years, separating them intentionally and adopting them out to different families. And the experiment and data collected is actually court sealed and the people who discovered that they were unwitting participants in this so called study have been petitioning the government for years in order to get the data released because, for many of them, there are still people who were involved that have no idea they were separated at birth.

One of them started going to the college and people thought he was his brother, he went and found him. The other brother saw the story about the two of them and realized he looked just like them.

there was a great documentary made about these guys in 2018. It’s a real wild story. It’s called Three Identical strangers. It’s heartbreaking and disgusting but a very good watch and read about.

Government experiment to split identical brothers and sisters to see what happens. Saw one about twin older women who found out about each other late in life, like old as fuck. When they went to meet up out of state they each brought each other a present, they brought the same gift, a random statuette it’s crazy!!

This was a socio economic experiment. The data is sealed because it would be the most compelling evidence imaginable about the nature of how nurture affects success. I’m willing to bet without researching that it was the one that was placed in the lowest tier family that suicided

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