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Optimizing Efficiency in Short Time Periods: ‘Achieving Success in Moments’

Manroop RajLast Seen: Feb 25, 2024 @ 4:56am 4FebUTC
Manroop Raj

11th February 2024 | 5 Views
Milyin » 557486 » Optimizing Efficiency in Short Time Periods: ‘Achieving Success in Moments’

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    You might have heard the song “Ek Pal Mein Sadiyaan Ji Aaya(Centuries lived in a moment)” at some point of time. I too may have heard this song many times in my life till date, but while listening to it now, I felt it for the first time. You might be wondering why I am telling you all this nonsense? In fact, while talking till today, we would probably have thought about this point that why, sometimes the whole life comes down to one particular moment?There will probably be some such moment or a small part of time in your biography too, if you remove it, your entire journey or life in the past would seem meaningless. Believe me, there is a memory in all of our lives which is the essence of our entire life and by removing it, the entire journey of life starts to seem purposeless and full of boredom.

     Now keeping this in mind, read those lines of that song once again. “I have lived centuries in one moment” meaning the entire life has come to a single moment.

      Believe me friends, we can learn a lot from these simple looking lines and can give a new direction to our lives. If you have strayed from the positive path and have come in contact with negative energy and have come on the wrong path, then you can improve it and give a new direction to life with new energy and a new beginning.

     Actually, there are some such moments in our life journey, remembering which we feel happy and by remembering them again and again, we feel the positive energy and get excited.

    Similarly, there are some such bad moments or bad memories in our life which come back again and again and make us weak from within and attract us towards negative energy. We sit alone and think about why there is that one moment or memory in my life which has filled my entire life with boredom? We want to erase it. But we cannot change that particular body even if we want to.

    But should we consider that particular moment so dominant that we spend the rest of our lives in despair remembering that particular moment? Believe me friends, we can change ourselves every moment, every moment we can make ourselves better than before. Instead of being pessimistic and discouraged considering a particular moment as the basis for evaluating life’s journey, it is better to think about the coming moments which we can improve and use to hone ourselves.We should look at the whole life by dividing it into moments and always think about becoming better than today. The great litterateur Rabindranath ji writes that “The butterfly counts moments, not months, and it has enough time”. That is, we should understand the importance of a particular moment and make good use of every moment and take ourselves towards positive energy.

    In the end, I would just like to say that friends, remove the bad moments of the past and keep the good memories close and give yourself energy from those good memories. Forget the bad moments of the past and try to make tomorrow that moment for which you will be able to remember that moment in your future and say that yes, this was the moment in which I lived centuries in one moment Came.

Manroop RajLast Seen: Feb 25, 2024 @ 4:56am 4FebUTC

Manroop Raj



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