Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day wishes

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Valentine's DayHappy Valentine DayHappy Valentine's Day

Love is a beautiful feeling, only lucky one’s can embrace it and if you are one of the luckiest ,you have found a hidden happiness within youself which is worth a hidden treasure.Love covers us in a comforting embrace, reminding us that we are never alone.

But before loving others,one needs to understand self love. Self-love is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, where you embrace both your strengths and your flaws, knowing that they are what make you uniquely beautiful. Love has the power to inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves, to show kindness and compassion to others, and to see the beauty in the world around us.

Love is a force that knows no boundaries and has the power to connect hearts in a way that is truly magical. Love is a gift that we can share with everyone we meet, spreading joy and light wherever it goes.Love is a symphony of emotions that resonates deep within us. It whispers melodies of hope and companionship and lightnes the world with its magic.

Its indeed the magical feeling with shapes of hapinness and tenderness. Love has the power to attract anything in this universe. So don’t worry, If your love is true, it will come back to you for sure. If you love somebody, you manifest your love and the love is yours.

In my submission , i can say fortunate are those who experience the sence of joy and comfort that can only come from true love.Lucy reminds us that love is not just a feeling, but a way of being that can light up even the darkest corners of our lives.

BHAWNA KARALLast Seen: Feb 27, 2024 @ 4:53pm 16FebUTC




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