Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day

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“True love is immortal,it exists everwhere ,

        just need those eyes to identify it”

“Love is selfless, only pure souls have the power to understand”

“Happiness is love but love is not always happiness,

       It takes all to love someone”

“Always grow in love, rise in love, 

     growing together is love but if you are declining,

        certainly its not love”

“Self-Love is the love that only survives in this universe, 

        Never let it go for anyone or anything in this universe”

“Love is affection, kindness, warmness, helpfulness, tolerance, sympathy, patience, 

Forbearance and more than anything humanity”

“Love is a powerful magnet that attracts us

  Not only to humans but Supreme power God as well”

“Love is an amazing feeling, a gentle breeze that transforms the heart, bringing it with a

   sense of Peace, Joy and Warmth”


BHAWNA KARALLast Seen: Feb 22, 2024 @ 9:57am 9FebUTC




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