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In the lost stance of life

Vivek PatilLast Seen: Feb 15, 2024 @ 6:11am 6FebUTC
Vivek Patil

9th February 2024 | 6 Views
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Nothingness is the land where my thoughts belong a little too often. The art of wandering in the lost ocean of opportunities while creating the dreams I want to stride upon is the skill I have mastered in the ride of life. Stirred by the beacon of hope in the cup of blossoming hot coffee, I decided to write a tale of victory over defeat, a tale of joy triumphing over the sadness and atrocity of darkness. But as I walk upon this journey called life, the menace of time plonks and plunges me into the blindsided trance of nothingness. Our dreams are often shunned by externality as we are deemed delusional in uproars. Often it becomes our fuel as we turn the bitterness of words into the ounces of grit and determination that propel us forward.

As we tirelessly strive to achieve the next goal we have in our mind, we are often told that we are being hard on ourselves, to enjoy life a little. Life in its entirety passes by us in its dynamic flair, and the existence we envisage holds unique individuality to each one of us. The choices one makes for themselves belies them and them only, and the external realm has no say in it. The ones who are fuelled by ambition and big dreams are often the ones who strive for their dreams, one milestone at a time and the cost for their grit prices the deemed reality the society wants them to have. I hope when you read this you remember that it is your life and the only one it should make sense to is you.

But often while striving in our tireless endeavours to make our dreams come true, we forget how hard we are toiling and how inhumanely human we have been to ourselves. Dreamer the world calls me, and as I charge forward towards my dream, life reckons in its entirety. More frequently and utterly every season of my existence, I have trodden on the path of nothingness. Where I forge my being in the slowed rhythm of survival and learn the meaning of life in its truest sense. What is the sign that I truly lived a good life, a meaningful one? Was it when I achieved every dream I wanted to manifest, or when I fostered my sense of self in the materialistic drawls that are upheld by the society we live in? I pondered in deep reflection over the current situation I coexisted in and looked over the nuances of my current life. And that was my aha moment. It is not the possessions you have or the achievements you hold yourself proud of, but rather the innate satisfaction you draw from your life that makes it worthwhile.

Here are some questions that will help you understand whether are you living a meaningful life or not

1)Am I living the life of one of the dreams my younger self dreamt of?

2)Am I constantly striving to be a better person, no matter how small the effort in the present

3)Is there something in my life I am grateful for

4)Is there someone who loves me despite all my flaws

5)Am I working towards something that sets my soul ablaze with passion

6)Did I do or have something that gave me happiness

7)Did somebody smile because of me

8)Am I doing better than I was last year

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have a greater and more meaningful life than you think. Often we find ourselves questioning our worth and doubting how far can we go. In those moments remind yourself of how far you have come.

Rest, recalibrate and refocus step by step, in the long hard climb,

All you need is to live fully in the present, writing your story one victory at a time.

Vivek PatilLast Seen: Feb 15, 2024 @ 6:11am 6FebUTC

Vivek Patil



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