Whisper of Wisdom

Chaos Meets The Calm

3rd July 2024 | 7 Views

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In life’s woven fabric, where chaos meets the calm,
Hushed wisdom whispers, an ocean’s soothing balm.
No lofty lectures or scholarly decree,
Just enlightenment’s murmur, like a summer sea.

A symphony of sagacity, not in complex prose,
But in life’s simple tales, the wisdom river flows.
No scholarly caps or seasoned sage’s page,
Just heart musings, on life’s wisdom stage.

Brevity, they say, is the soul of wit,
Wisdom in snippets, like morning’s gentle fit.
No verbose monologues or grand speech’s breach,
Just a nod, easily within reach.

Life’s lessons not in textbooks but a knowing grin,
Lingering, transcending, a smile’s subtle spin.
No need for profound discourse or scholarly rain,
Just quiet knowing, like comforting rain.

So, wander through life with hearts agaze,
Where wisdom whispers in everyday’s maze.
No need for tomes or a scholar’s terrain,
Just whispers of wisdom, gently keeping us sane.