How Many Reads On Wattpad Do You Need To Get Paid

Wattpad : How Many Reads on Wattpad Do You Need to Get Paid

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In my recent article, I have discussed how to join Wattpad paid stories and earn money online. But many of beginner writers are quite curious to know about How Many Reads on Wattpad Do You Need to Get Paid ? Or how many views you need to get paid on Wattpad. In this comprehensive article you will get the complete details.


I will explain you How much do Wattpad paid stories make and how to earn money in wattpad by reading. This going to be quite easy if you follow the article step by step. If you haven’t yet joined the Wattpad program and looking for an alternative to make money online, I recommend to read my previous article about Wattpad. Let’s begin today’s amazing article and start earning.

How many reads do you need to get paid on Wattpad

In Wattpad paid stories, there’s no minimum read requirement. You can join Wattpad Creators Program that offers potential earnings of up to $25,000. Here, too, reads aren’t the key focus. You need a complete 50,000+ word story, active chapters within 3 months, and a minimum number of “Engaged Readers” according to your genre (ranging from 9,000 to 100).

Apart from Wattpad creators program, there are several ways to earn money on the platform, and each has its own set of requirements and doesn’t necessarily rely solely on read count. It means you can’t decide how much do Wattpad paid per view or reading but you have to fullfill some basic requirements as discussed below.

How to earn money in wattpad by reading

As I said, there actually isn’t a specific number of reads you need on Wattpad to get paid. Instead of just focusing on reads or views, try to get engaged with your audience, your audience is your power. This is because there are different ways to make money on the platform, and each has its own requirements.

How to join Wattpad creator program

Joining Wattpad program and making money from it, is actually a easiest part of Wattpad. The main hurdle comes in quality content creation, and if you can create quality content, Wattpad is a big opportunity with global audience. Let’s have a look how to join Wattpad to get paid and it gives you an idea how much do Wattpad paid stories make:

Wattpad Creators Program

This program, launched in June 2022, allows writers to earn money based on “Engaged Readers” (users who spend over 5 minutes reading your story). However, it has strict eligibility criteria:

  • Completed novel-length story (50,000+ words)
  • Published at least one chapter in the last 3 months
  • Story in an eligible genre with minimum Engaged Readers (e.g., 9,000 for general fiction, 100 for horror)
Paid Stories

Paid stories are also the lucrative option of how to make money on Wattpad by reading. This program lets authors charge readers Wattpad Coins to unlock chapters.

While there’s no minimum read requirement, getting accepted is highly competitive and requires high engagement and quality.

Tips and Donations

Readers can directly tip you or donate through services like PayPal. Naturally, building a loyal fanbase is crucial here. You can also directly add your own payment method for donations inside the story itself.

Brand Partnerships

If your story gains significant traction, you might attract brands for sponsored content or product placement, but this is very rare. However, brand partnership is the best option to make huge money on Wattpad but it needs quality work.

So, how much you can earn on Wattpad by reading? Or How Many Reads on Wattpad Do You Need to Get Paid ? In short, focusing solely on reads won’t guarantee income. It’s more important to:

  • Write high-quality, engaging stories.
  • Build a loyal reader base.
  • Actively promote your work on and off Wattpad.
  • Understand and explore the different monetization options.

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How much do Wattpad paid stories make

  • Wattpad paid out over $3 million to creators in 2022 through various programs.
  • Top Wattpad Creators can receive stipends of up to $25,000.
  • Many creators report earnings ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month, but some remain below that.

The single most important component is reader engagement. Readers of paid stories must pay Wattpad Coins to access chapters, and revenue is based on the quantity and value of payments made by readers. The gripping plot, well-developed characters, and frequent updates in your story all affect reader engagement, which ultimately affects income.

How much do you get paid on Wattpad? Wattpad takes a 30% cut of all Paid Stories earnings. For example, if you earn 1000 dollars, you will actually receive $700 on your bank account and rest will taken by the platform. This percentage has remained consistent since the program’s launch.

Final Words

In conclusion, while some people are able to support themselves entirely through Wattpad writing, this is not the typical situation. Use it as a platform to improve your writing, attract readers, and look at ways to make money as your narrative develops.

You can maximize your Wattpad revenue potential by concentrating on interaction, pricing strategically, and comprehending the workings of the site. Recall that achieving success is a journey, not a race. Developing a devoted following and continuously producing high-caliber material require time and work. 

Pankaj SuyalLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 8:15am 8AprUTC

Pankaj Suyal



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