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Restricted Sequence Chapter 5 Pollution

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     Xu Ye gasped and looked at the other party with some uncertainty, not knowing how to react for a moment.
     Meng Chengfei held a book in his left hand, stared at Xu Ye with his dark eyes, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly.
     His facial features are grand, giving people a generous and simple feeling.
     Because he was not wearing a tall top hat today, his short brown curly hair was exposed. His whole body was completely different from when he was disguised just now, or even when he first met Xu Ye.
     “Blade of Dawn?”
     This word stimulated the original memory of Xu Ye’s body, and he suddenly remembered that this special organization affiliated with the Floating City seemed to specialize in solving the problems of distortion of the way of heaven, pollution incidents, and aberrations.
     “Then what happened just now was all your ability? Awakener?” Xu Ye couldn’t help but ask.
     He felt that the other party was indeed not hostile.
     Meng Chengfei laughed, trying to relieve Xu Ye’s nervousness. He stretched out his right index finger and tapped his left and right eyelids respectively.
     Da da!
     Along with two crisp sounds, two dark green diamond-like eyes fell on his generous palm.
     “E-level contaminants, phantom eyes, can create some simple illusion scenes through the inner fear of the other party. This contaminant comes from a waiter in the Silver Tavern.”
     “In the illusion, you will act based on instinct, especially at the moment of death. The fear will reach the extreme. Most people can’t resist and will tell the secrets in their hearts. But you didn’t. It means that your memory about the laboratory has really been manipulated. Cleared.”
     “So, you passed.”
     “As for the first round of testing, some idiot nobles deliberately made false information. The degree of distortion of the law of heaven here has clearly reached 2… However, you solved it very well.”
     “It can be seen that your inspiration is very high.”
     Meng Chengfei’s tone was somewhat envious.
     The higher the inspiration, the easier it is to detect risks in advance and avoid them in a twisted environment.
     “Creating an illusion?”
     Xu Ye was a little scared. He really had a secret, but for some reason, he didn’t tell it when his head was screwed off.
     Is it because my willpower is too strong?
     But now he finally understood why he felt something was wrong before.
     First, if the other party wants to kill him, why should he heal his injuries?
     Secondly, the other party is obviously an awakened person, so how could he allow himself to succeed in a sneak attack?
     It turned out that these contradictions were ignored because I was under the illusion.
     Xu Ye’s thoughts were spinning and he had a better understanding of the world.
     Although the process was bumpy, fortunately, this hurdle has finally passed.
     At this thought, Xu Ye relaxed completely, his back slightly bent, and he sunk into the soft sofa.
     “So, what are your future arrangements for me?” he asked.
     Meng Chengfei put one hand into his pocket, and rubbed the note that Dr. Chen deliberately asked him to find with his rough fingers. He looked at the slightly green boy in front of him and smiled, “Become an awakener, join the Blade of Dawn, and clean up the Eidolons.” various pollution incidents in the city.”
     Xu Ye nodded as expected.
     This makes sense.
     There are some secrets involved in him. The Floating City will not let him leave and must be under control at all times.
     Meng Chengfei paused and said in a calm voice, “Because of the illegal human experiment not long ago, which caused serious memory impairment in you, let me briefly explain the origin of the Awakened One.”
     “Our world, today’s civilization, only has a history of a short hundred years. No one knows what happened a hundred years ago.”
     “Everything from an era ago seems to have disappeared, submerged in the long river of history. No matter how you search, there is no trace.”
     “We have become boundless water, rootless trees, and lonely boats drifting in the darkness. We have lost our direction and also lost the name of our world. Now, we can only call the land under our feet wasteland.”
     “But according to rumors, Dr. Chen seems to know some history from a hundred years ago. Has he told you?”
     Meng Chengfei’s voice was filled with a trace of sadness, and then he looked at Xu Ye.
     Xu Ye was a little surprised, but shook his head.
Meng Chengfei narrowed his eyes, a little disappointed, and continued.
     “After that, the rules of heaven are chaotic and constantly distorted, and all living things are easily contaminated due to certain things.”
     “For example, extreme emotions, or some cruel methods, the yin energy of the cemetery, etc… These behaviors often cause negative changes in oneself unconsciously. This situation is called pollution.”
     “Once you encounter pollution, distortion will happen sooner or later.”
     “As long as there is distortion, it will inevitably cause distortion of the rules of the surrounding environment. The stronger the distortion, the more severe the distortion of the way of heaven. The more distorted the way of heaven, the deeper the degree of distortion.”
     “Based on the degree of distortion, we divide it into percentages…”
     “As for the pollutants, they are also randomly generated in the twisted environment of heaven. From F level to level F, each pollutant has a special function.”
     “Generally, ordinary people can use F-level pollutants, but when it reaches E-level, only awakened people can use them, otherwise they will be affected by the pollutants.”
     “As for the Awakened, it is the power that humans have obtained from the twisted heaven. However, only the top leaders of the major forces know the specific situation. After the Awakened appeared, we were finally able to deal with various pollution incidents, and humans started a new practice. civilization.”
     “Today, we have discovered a total of seven cultivation methods.”
     Seven kinds?
     so much?
     Xu Ye had not yet recovered from the history of this world, and was a little stunned when he suddenly heard the seven ways to practice.
     Seeing Xu Ye’s expression, Meng Chengfei knew that he had completely lost his memory in this regard, so he elaborated.
     “There are seven major forces in the wasteland, each controlling seven ways of cultivation.”
     “Our Floating City controls the ‘Cultivation of Immortality’ path; the Exile Land controls the ‘God of War’ path; the Twin Towers controls the ‘Miracle Doctor’ path; the Lost Abyss controls the ‘Undead’ path, and the Steel and Iron Group controls the ‘Mechanical’ path. The Blood Shadow Organization controls the ‘vampire’ path; Dawn City controls the ‘scholar’ path.”
     What are these?
     Xu Ye was confused.
     Forget about other things, what the hell are cultivators, gods of war, and miracle doctors?
     Urban cultivation?
     Return of the God of War?
     The miracle doctor comes down the mountain?
     As a serious Internet article enthusiast and amateur Internet article author, he knows Internet articles like the back of his hand.
     He even wrote a novel about urban immortality out of boredom while he was hospitalized for a heart attack, and it became a minor hit.
     But now…
     Xu Ye felt a little dimensionally confused.
     In addition, he was familiar with most of the things in this world, whether it was buildings, daily necessities, or humans. Xu Ye even suspected that this was a parallel world on Earth.
     To be precise, it’s more like an earth where the normal rules are distorted.
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yihua luo



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