Soulful Serenity

Quiet Spaces Where Dreams Belong

3rd July 2024 | 7 Views

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In a tranquil nook where shadows sway,
Thoughts meander in a soft ballet.
A river of musings, calm and wide,
Reflective ripples in the mind’s tide.

Whispers of wisdom, gentle, and kind,
A symphony of solace, an enlightened find.
No storms’ uproar, no thunder’s call,
Just a tranquil drizzle, a serene fall.

Life’s canvas adorned with colors divine,
Hues of joy, akin to aged wine.
No hasty pace, no frantic run,
Just a leisurely stroll beneath the sun.

Humor, a compass in the gentle fray,
A chuckle, a grin, brightening the day.
No rigid rules or somber decree,
Just laughter echoing, wild and free.

The heartbeat of the soul, a rhythmic song,
In quiet spaces where dreams belong.
No need for grandeur, no lofty tower,
Just a humble bloom in a fragrant bower.

In the garden of words, emotions bloom,
A fragrant tale dispelling the gloom.
No need for complexity or linguistic dive,
Just a simple message, a soulful vibe.

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