Spiritual Retreats Around The World

20 Top Spiritual Retreats Around the World

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A fast-paced life surely fetches you a fortune and a good life, but realize the cost of it. You put your mental health, physical stamina and sanity at stake. The body suffers a great deal, your gut is compromised and if it is really that bad then rest assured you are about to join a Satanic party ahead (the constant adrenaline sensation to stay ahead of a false race to success and zero self-awareness). This is nothing but toxicity and you need to disconnect from this. 

Spiritual Retreats offer you the much-needed relief that your soul has been craving for. Remember, your body speaks to you every single second through pain, overjoy, sadness, hunger, and uncalled emotions. You need to centre yourself first in order to gauge the signals properly and nothing really works better than a vacation that has all colors of spirituality, fun, and awakening. So, wondering where to start from? 

Spiritual Retreats Around The World

1- Uttarakhand

A spiritual retreat that will have you at the beauty of the Himalayas and the greenery surrounding the habitat, Uttarakhand is the hilly chilly queen of Northern India. The river Ganges adds to the already perpetuating piousness and abundance flowing freely in the surrounding. Spots like Rishikesh are famous for hosting a myriad of retreats and Yoga adventures. Chardham Yatra of Uttarakhand is one of the most sacred pilgrimages in the world. Every year lakhs of pilgrims visit Chardham, whether rich or poor or handicapped. If he is unable to walk, then he will definitely visit Chardham by helicopter. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular spiritual retreats in India and the world. 

2- Colorado

Not many of you would be motivated enough to add the United States to the list of your ambitious spiritual retreats. It would rather be about hanging out with friends, a night in LA or shots of Malibu on a beach. Sounds jarring to the ears, right? However, Colorado is one spot in the USA (amongst many others) that offers that perfect silence in the air to meditate and chant prayers to connect with the divinity. The northern region is the center of the spiritual amphitheater, with Buddha preaching, and specialized courses for kids, Yoga teachers, and even travelers. 

3- Costa Rica

Another popular destinations in the United States that is known for its virgin beaches and coral reefs, Costa Rica is a Mecca for retreat enthusiasts and Yoga lovers. The wilderness, sunsets, orange sky, deep blue sea water and ample opportunities to indulge in water activities and adventure stuff, Costa Rica is definitely your path to a satiated soul. The palm tree-lined coasts here gives soothes your eyes and soul, while offering you the peaceful environment you have been looking for all your lives. 

4- Loei

Sparsely populated, idyllic landscapes, and exotic national parks, Loei is one gorgeous and apt place to approach for start to a spiritual transformation. This city is popular amongst travelers owing to its diversity in flora & fauna, people, interesting terrains, and even fluctuating weather. You would find Buddhism as the core of almost every single retreat here in Loei and heavily influences Buddhist tradition form known as Dhammakāya. As you choose to stay in the beautiful city, make sure to witness the beauty of the diverse flora, and amazing waterfalls and sandstone cliffs making a way for you to cover up the huge plateau of Phu Kradueng mountain

5- Isle of Arran

A beautiful island off of the coast of Scotland in the UK, Isle of Arran or Arran will offer you every single Scottish flavor wrapped in serenity. Go ahead and watch the dynamic coastlines carrying waves of all intensity, fun beaches, deep mystic wilderness, and colorful festivals offering delicious local food. What else does a human want? This is it. Participating in a spiritual gathering or a retreat of any sort here in Arran shall fetch you some moments of quietness so that you clear the headspace and gain mental clarity. Fewer crowds equal peace, always! 

6- Assisi

A hill town in Central Italy, Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis and this is why you can find a number of ancient churches and a lot of deep cultural influences on food, people, and just about anything. Assisi is also one of the popular UNESCO world heritage sites and is recognized by the United Nations for its contribution towards Franciscan Order. As you witness the beauty of the 14th-century castles, churches, and the very famous Basilica of St. Francis, douse your soul in this ultimate experience and encourage a growth like never before. 

7- Tulum

Every single facet to this Mexico is amazing in its own way. However, political disturbances and social media narratives have projected Mexico as a place to just have some fun and eat good food on a beach. All wrong and absurd! Mexico has some of the most peaceful locales for you to sit, center, and elevate in your existence. Come to Tulum to witness natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and some of the most sparsely populated retreats for maximum absorption of the goodness. Geographically located on the Caribbean coastline, Tulum is the best choice for all travelers, and retreat seekers. 

8- Bali

Coming back to the Asian region, Bali is one spot you cannot afford to ignore. This is one destination that travelers for almost all the possible reasons in the world- affordability, honeymoon spot, family retreats, and quieter beaches during off-seasons (well, flights are cheap during off-season so intelligent travelers flock). This island is known for its temples, monkey sanctuaries, resort towns and beaches. Considering Bali as a Spiritual retreat for your inner growth can be the game-changer for you. 

9- The Maldives

The Maldives is one beautiful destination located in the Indian Ocean region and is a group of 1000 coral islands. The ancient Mosques, blue lagoons, and diverse reefs together contribute to the beauty of this place, which is appreciated all over the world. Couples consider the destination for their honeymoon owing to its scarcely flocked beaches and amazing scenic views. Do not fret as this is the same set of reasons why The Maldives is also a perfect pace for your inner growth and soul enlightenment. 

10- Quebec

This French-speaking province in Eastern Canada is surrounded by vibrant cities, metropolis, and hilly areas. You will see a number of monasteries turned into wellness centers that offer the perfect ambiance to meditate for prolonged hours, eat wholesome meals, do Yoga, and meet new people. Quebec is one example that proves why a chic modern country like Canada can also be an appropriate place to attain higher consciousness and spiritual growth. You can also participate in detox sessions, rejuvenation programs, and visit pilgrims. 

11- Wisconsin

A state in the United States that is well-known for its varieties of Cheese, Wisconsin is definitely a perfect spot for your spiritual persuasions. The idyllic landscapes surrounded by the urban areas, delicious cheesy foods, wilderness, bay shorelines, diverse fauna, and a number of Yoga retreats and family-oriented vacation spots make Wisconsin, the deal for you. Opting this destination for spiritual journeys of life can be a mixed bag of experiences, knowledge, and culture, to say the least. 

12- Peru

Home to the Amazon rainforests and ancient cities located in the Andes Mountains, Peru is South America’s most beautiful ambitious spiritual retreat. The colonial city of Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Inca Trail together add to the beauty of this destination. The retreat centers here are mostly located amidst the flora and wilderness so that you do not lose contact with the Mother Nature. Peruvian Shamanism, wild flora, and a glimpse of the rare fauna are some of the reasons why Yogis and people interested in different realms love Peru. 

13- South Africa

Primarily known for its Safari rides and jungles, South Africa is also a potential spiritual retreat your soul seeks. And, why not? Wilderness, greenery, and Nature are some of the dots you must connect to reach your higher self and realize a clear headspace. South Africa’s diversity in natural bounties is incredible and unmatched. The beaches, beauty of the Western Cape and cliffs are just synonymous with beauty. The retreat centers here offer therapies for your emotional needs as well and may take you on a rough journey of discovering your real self. 

14- Poland

Poland or the Republic of Poland is a beautiful country located in Central Europe and is known for its castles, Polish beers, and one of the best cuisines in the world. For an utmost religious experience or probably join in some prayers, come over to the Holy Mount of Grabarka and watch miracles unfolding in your lives. People from all over the world visit this pious place to silence the chatter within and connect to the divinity. You may also find some upscale retreats offering high-end amenities, services, and wellness programs. Suit yourself! 

15- Cambodia

A destination that is known for its traditions and cultural influences visible all over, Cambodia can be that one underrated spiritual retreat out there. You cannot afford to miss witnessing the gorgeous rainforests, flora and diverse fauna that adds to the quotient of this place. Mostly, retreat centers here are stationed around the same natural ambiance and encourage a perfect blend of mindfulness and movement in the regime. You can choose to stay in these retreat centers in the most natural habitat possible or opt for villas built across private islands and in urban areas. 

16- Tennessee

If you want to experience spirituality and even douse in some of the moments, look no further than Tennessee. A landlocked stated in the southern United States, this destination has the magnificence of the Appalachian Mountains, terrains passing through for the perfect hiking experience and the city life of Nashville to balance it the most perfect way. So, it is quite clear that choosing this spot as your preferred spiritual retreat shall offer you the best of both worlds. The retreat centers in Tennessee offer a scenic view of the waterfalls, beautiful trails and gorgeous flora to amplify that experience. 

17- Ireland

Ireland, mostly the Northern part of this destination is considered by the Yogis and retreat goers for the beautiful spiritual experience. The centers built along the River Maine offers you the much-needed moments of peaceful silence, wholesome organic source of meals and meditation sessions to elevate the existing self to higher consciousness. The man-made spa villages, cottages for families, and various rituals like a sauna, and Yoga classes just adds to the overall episode. 

18- Nepal

Away from the regular cacophony of other crowded Asian regions, Nepal welcomes you to a place where peace mixes in the air and flows freely. Be it Kathmandu, Pokhra, or even the border areas connecting to the Bihar region, every single part of Nepal is comparatively less populated, greener, and wrapped in the arms of the mighty Himalayas. Beauty at its best! The retreat centers here follow Buddhism (something dominant here) and has influences from the monasteries settled in different parts of Nepal. This destination shall offer you the perfect picture of beauty and simplicity. Nepal is a Hindu majority country, here you will find many Hindu & Buddhist pilgrimages where you will get peace of mind. 

19- Paris

Moving on to the surprising elements here, can you even consider Paris as a spiritual retreat in your wildest dreams? Well, most people consider it as a honeymoon destination. However, this beautiful city in France has all shades of traditions, cultures, and mixed hues of both simplicity and modernization. If this doesn’t spark interest in you, then what will? Head over to this city to submerge your soul in the perfect amalgamation of everything dreamy in the Universe yet learn the newer ways to combat stress and move towards a better self. Improving oneself is also a part of your spiritual journey. 

20- Spain

Spain is another country known more for its football than retreats. However, places like Barcelona and Alicante are known for popular Yoga retreats, meditation retreats and much more. With sunshine all year round, incredible landscapes, and diverse fauna, Spain is surely a treat for the eyes and sweet peaceful experience for the soul. What is more for you to see and absorb here? Well, do not forget to visit the local cafes, and restaurants to let the taste buds douse in the flavors of happiness and cultural transformations.

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